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All the young dudes 2


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All The Young Dudes 2

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All the young dudes 2

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All the Young dudes book 2 pdf

All the Young dudes book 2 pdf


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All the Young dudes book 2 pdf

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All the Young dudes book 2 pdf
ALL THE YOUNG DUDES BOOK TWO: Years 5-7 MsKingBean89 C O N T E N T S Seventy-three Fifth Year: Silver ● 1 Seventy-four Fifth Year: Pain ● 6 Seventy-five Fifth Year: The Surprise ● 11 Seventy-six Fifth Year: Moony & Co. ● 15 Seventy-seven Fifth Year: Beautiful ● 20 Seventy-eight Fifth Year: Wishin’ And Hopin’ ● 26 Seventy-nine Fifth Year: Jealous Moon ● 34 Eighty Fifth Year: ‘twas The Night Before Christmas ● 39 Eighty-one Fifth Year: Unforgivable ● 44 Eighty-two Fifth Year: Aftermath ● 49 Eighty-three Fifth Year: January ● 55 Eighty-four Fifth Year: Hurt Feelings ● 60 Eighty-five Fifth Year: Dung Bombs & Broom Cupboards ● 67 Eighty-six Fifth Year: Sweet Sixteen ● 73 Eighty-six (Part 2) Sirius, 1976 ● 81 Eighty-seven Fifth Year: Morning After ● 84 Eighty-eight Fifth Year: Stale Mate ● 90 Eighty-nine Fifth Year: The Week Before ● 96 Ninety Fifth Year: OWLs ● 103 Ninety-one Fifth Year: The Week Following ● 109 Ninety-two Fifth Year: Closing ● 116 Ninety-three Summer 1976: Part 1: London ● 120 Ninety-four Summer 1976: Part 2: The Potters’ ● 127 Ninety-five Summer 1976: Part 3: Peace Talks ● 135 Ninety-six Sixth Year: September ● 140 Ninety-seven Sixth Year: October ● 147 Ninety-eight Sixth Year: Halloween ● 152 Ninety-nine Sixth Year: Parties And Pustules ● 158 One Hundred Sixth Year: Boundaries ● 164 One Hundred & One Sixth Year: New Normal ● 169 One Hundred & Two Sixth Year: Mince Pies ● 175 One Hundred & Three Sixth Year: Twelve Nights ● 181 One Hundred & Four Sixth Year: Bad Moon Rising ● 202 One Hundred & Five Sixth Year: Spilling Secrets ● 208 One Hundred & Six Sixth Year: The Long Night ● 215 One Hundred & Seven Sixth Year: Negotiations ● 223 One Hundred & Eight Sixth Year: Mary, Mary ● 231 One Hundred & Nine Sixth Year: Heniokhos ● 238 One Hundred & Ten Sixth Year: Seventeen ● 244 One Hundred & Eleven Sixth Year: Separation ● 252 One Hundred & Twelve Sixth Year: Apparitions ● 258 One Hundred & Thirteen Sixth Year: The Box ● 265 One Hundred & Fourteen Summer 1977: Part 1 ● 273 One Hundred & Fifteen Summer 1977: Part 2 ● 279 One Hundred & Sixteen Summer 1977: Part 3 ● 285 One Hundred & Seventeen Summer 1977: Part 4 ● 295 One Hundred & Eighteen Summer 1977: Part 5 ● 301 One Hundred & Eighteen (Part 2) Grant, 1977 ● 312 One Hundred & Nineteen Seventh Year: Back To School ● 320 One Hundred & Twenty Seventh Year: Thunder ● 325 One Hundred & Twenty-one Seventh Year: Quill Shopping ● 331 One Hundred & Twenty-two Seventh Year: The Mastermind ● 339 One Hundred & Twenty-three Seventh Year: Darkness Falls ● 346 One Hundred & Twenty-three (Part 2) Christmas Compilation ● 353 One Hundred & Twenty-four Seventh Year: Christmas Part 1 ● 368 One Hundred & Twenty-five Seventh Year: Christmas Part 2 ● 376 One Hundred & Twenty-six Seventh Year: Christmas Part 3 ● 383 One Hundred & Twenty-seven Seventh Year: Responsibilities ● 388 One Hundred & Twenty-eight Seventh Year: Preparation ● 395 One Hundred & Twenty-eight (Part 2) Padfoot And Prongs, 1978 ● 402 One Hundred & Twenty-nine Seventh Year: Instinct ● 406 One Hundred & Thirty Seventh Year: Castor ● 414 One Hundred & Thirty-one Seventh Year: Interlude ● 425 One Hundred & Thirty-two Seventh Year: Victims ● 437 One Hundred & Thirty-three Seventh Year: Sunday Afternoon ● 444 One Hundred & Thirty-four Seventh Year: Valentine’s Day 1978 ● 451 One Hundred & Thirty-four (Part 2) Sirius, Valentine’s Day 1978 ● 459 One Hundred & Thirty-five Seventh Year: The Marauder’s Inter-house Prank Planning Co-operative ● 464 One Hundred & Thirty-six Seventh Year: Mind Games ● 471 One Hundred & Thirty-seven Seventh Year: Remus The Martyr ● 478 One Hundred & Thirty-eight Seventh Year: Hope ● 485 One Hundred & Thirty-nine Seventh Year: Drunkards ● 494 One Hundred & Forty Seventh Year: Brilliant Ideas ● 501 One Hundred & Forty-one Seventh Year: Star Star ● 507 One Hundred & Forty-two Seventh Year: Hospital Visits ● 514 One Hundred & Forty-three Seventh Year: Breakdown ● 519 One Hundred & Forty-four Seventh Year: Choices ● 526 One Hundred & Forty-five Seventh Year: What We Lack ● 534 One Hundred & Forty-six Seventh Year: Superego ● 540 One Hundred & Forty-seven Seventh Year: Night And Day ● 547 One Hundred & Forty-eight Seventh Year: The Final ● 554 One Hundred & Forty-nine Seventh Year: Legacy (Part 1) ● 567 One Hundred & Fifty Seventh Year: Legacy (Part 2) ● 573 SEVENTY-THREE Fifth Year: Silver Hey, hey mama said the way you move - Gon' make you sweat, gon' make you groove. Ah ah child way ya shake that thing - Gon' make you burn, gon' make you sting. Hey, hey baby when you walk that way - Watch your honey drip, I can't keep away… Monday 1​st​ September 1975 Remus shifted uncomfortably as he waited for a quiet moment to run at the ticket barrier. He was glad Matron hadn’t come with him this year. Glad to have had the time alone to prepare himself. Grant had wanted to come, but Matron said no, and wouldn’t give him the fare anyway. They’d managed a quick goodbye locked inside a bathroom at St. Edmund’s – one of their many hiding places. Neither of them had said any of the things they’d wanted to say – actually, they’d hardly spoken at all – but with minutes left, Remus promised he’d try to write. “I’m crap at writing,” Grant complained, “Can’t you give me the phone number?” “Er… it’s a really old fashioned school. We don’t get to use the phone much.” Remus blagged. He thought there ​might​ be a phone box in Hogsmeade, or maybe the next village over, which was non-magical. He could try. Now, as he took aim at the grey ticket barrier and started forward, he had that usual sensation of leaving the muggle world – and everyone in it – behind for another year. Grant did not exist on this side of the platform. Grant had never happened, and Remus was the same old Remus. Nothing has changed​, he told himself. ​Nothing is different​. Matron hadn’t insisted he cut his hair this time, so he wasn’t beginning the term looking like an oik. He was taller, again – he wondered if he’d ever ​stop​ growing sometimes – but other than these silly, superficial things, everything was as it had been. As it should be. No one would notice, because there was nothing to notice, Remus told himself, firmly. Nothing at all. He rubbed the back of his head, absent-mindedly, then – remembering Grant’s fingers having been there only hours before, wiped his lips self-consciously. Shit. “All right you tosser?!” James slapped him on the back out of nowhere. “James, really!” Mrs Potter chastised her son, standing beside him. She beamed up at Remus, “Just look at you! You’ve grown inches!” She pulled him into a hug, “Still far too skinny for my liking!” She began to straighten his clothes, peppering him with questions – did he have something to eat for the journey? Had he come alone? Did he want help getting his things aboard? 1 By the end of this motherly assault, Remus was grinning from ear to ear, relaxed in the knowledge that everything was, indeed, fine. Nothing was different at all. He cheerfully boarded the train with James and Peter, chattering about their summers and their excitement for the year ahead. James had a silver pin on his chest, emblazoned with a large ‘C’ (Remus could smell it the second James came close, an irritating sting in his nostrils) he had got his dearest wish and was now quidditch captain. They sat in their usual compartment and Remus pulled his book from his bag, settling in with a satisfied sigh. Then Sirius walked in, and Remus’s stomach dropped through the floor. He was ​almost​ the same as ever – height-wise he had nearly caught up with James now, and he was broader about the chest. His jaw had squared, and perhaps his nose had lengthened – but he had the same glossy black hair, the same arresting eyes and high cheekbones. He was still ​Sirius​, but he was somehow… other. As if Remus was seeing him through new eyes. The heat of desire flared up in his chest out of nowhere, settling in his cheeks as a heavy blush. He looked away, quickly, before anyone noticed. “Gentlemen,” Sirius nodded graciously, entering the carriage like a prince. “Alright?” The other two grinned and Remus mumbled. Sirius sat directly opposite Remus, his hair and uniform purposefully untidy – no doubt for the benefit of Walpurga Black – and flung out his legs, as if he didn’t expect them to be as long as they were. His ankle bumped against Remus’s, and Remus shot up, suddenly, sitting bolt upright and tucking his own gangly legs neatly under his seat. Sirius gave him a funny look, then a smirking grin which caused a sharp tug behind Remus’s naval. Oh god​, he thought, ​no no no! “Half expected you not to be here,” James said, relieved. “Couldn’t have the Black heir not turning up for his first day of school,” Sirius rolled his dark blue eyes, raising an artful eyebrow, “Couldn’t have the whole wizarding world knowing that there’s strife in my noble family.” “How are you?” James asked, earnestly, “Did they… how are you?” “Fine,” Sirius nodded, a bit stiffly, “Don’t want to talk about it now. Can we just pretend it’s a normal first day?” “Yeah, all right mate,” James nodded, unconvincingly. “Pete was just telling us about California,” “We didn’t manage to find Phil,” Peter said, “Her housemates said she’d moved on, everywhere we looked. Mum was… well she was really upset, it was crap.” Remus felt a stab of guilt. It was so long ago now, but he had once told Philomena that she could run away if she wanted – ‘no one says you have to use magic’. After his own, blissfully simple, magic-free summer, Remus was starting to envy Peter’s sister. The train had pulled out of the station, and the grey London buildings were whooshing by, soon to give way to the lush greed fields of the home counties. 2 “How was your summer, Moony?” James asked, suddenly, and Remus realised Peter had stopped talking some time ago. “Yeah, fine,” Remus had practiced this in his head on the way to King’s Cross. But he hadn’t counted on Sirius looking so… it was difficult to stay focussed. “Usual. Nothing exciting. Um. Football, homework. Er… yeah, fine. Not great. But… well, fine, not bad. Fine.” Thankfully, the door to their carriage slid open, putting a stop to his blabbering. Lily Evans stood in the doorway, beaming with delight, her hair a fiery halo. “Evans!” James boomed, eagerly, “You found me!” “As if it’s hard, Potter,” Lily rolled her eyes, “You lot are always in the same car. Anyway, I’m not here for you, I’m here for you!” She pointed at Remus, still grinning, “Me?!” Remus frowned, confused for a moment, then it dawned on him. He sighed, heavily, wanting to sink into his chair and disappear. The other three marauders and Lily were all staring at him with varying expressions, all expectant. “You got it, didn’t you?” Lily said, impatiently, “Come on, we have to go for a meeting in the—” “Merlin!” Sirius suddenly exclaimed, slapping his forehead comically. “How did we forget?! Moony, are you a…” “A prefect!” James yelled. Remus hung his head. “Yeah…” “And you didn’t tell us immediately so that we could rip the piss out of you?!” Sirius’s face had lit up, some of the old eleven-year-old mischief maker showing through. “You’re just jealous,” Lily said, haughtily, “Come on Remus, where’s your badge?” “The badge!” Sirius burst out laughing, “I forgot about the badge! Oh please, Moony, show us the badge!” Peter and James’s shoulders were shaking too, and Remus shook his head, trying to look disapproving. “It’s in my trunk.” “Well put it on!” Lily said, “C’mon, we have our own carriage and everything.” “Hey Evans, I’m quidditch captain, y’know,” “Yes, Marlene said.” Lily said, without so much as glancing in James’s direction, “Come ​on​, Remus!” “Ugh, ok. But the badge is right in the bottom of the trunk, I’ll wear it tomorrow.” Remus said, getting up. “Oh, no, we can look for it, if you want?” “No, I can’t be bothered.” Remus shrugged, not looking at her. “Oh, go on,” Sirius wheedled, getting up and reaching for Remus’s trunk, “We want to see you in your nice, shiny badge…” 3 “No!” Remus snapped, glaring at Sirius – thank goodness it was still easy to get annoyed with him – he raised his eyebrows, so Lily couldn’t see, and said very pointedly, “Silver isn’t my colour.” Sirius’s eyes widened immediately in realisation. Remus raised his eyebrows and followed Lily out. He glanced back through the glass door just in time to see James quickly removing his own pin. * * * Being a prefect was as bad as Remus had expected. The letter had come as much as a surprise to him as to everyone else – the pin fell out of his usual Hogwarts reading list and into his lap one summer morning. He’d hissed with pain as the silver burned his fingers, and dropped it on the floor. Grant picked it up, “What the bloody hell is this?!” “I’m a prefect.” Remus said, not believing it himself. “A… a what?! Jesus, sometimes I think I’ve made you up.” “You don’t know the half of it,” Remus had groaned, “My friends are never going to let me live this down…” “Ha! Good!” Grant stuck out his pink tongue. Remus just shook his head again, and resolved to write a letter to Dumbledore about this, demanding that someone else be given the job. James would be good. Even ​Peter​ would be better than Remus. Dumbledore had not responded. He tried McGonagall, who did respond, simply saying that the decision was final. Remus decided to try again once term started. On the train, Lily and Remus had to attend an extremely tiresome meeting with all of the other prefects, led by the interminably boring Head boy and girl. After that, they were expected to ‘patrol’ the corridors, stopping anyone from having any fun. Unfortunately Lily took this duty very seriously, and Remus got the feeling it was going to be a very long year. Still, it was much preferable to sitting in a confined space with Sirius – he would have to do his best to steer clear for a while, until he’d worked out this latest revelation. The feast was ok. It felt less merry than previous years – Remus didn’t know if that was his own turmoil, or the pallor of the war. There were less students than usual; only a handful of first years. No one was mentioning it. After dinner, Lily made Remus patrol again, and he actually didn’t mind. He hoped that if he could stay away long enough the others would be in bed; then he wouldn’t have to see them until lessons the next morning – if James and Sirius left early for quidditch practice. “You’re still not wearing your pin,” Lily said, as they walked the length of the fourth floor hall. “Yeah, sorry,” Remus yawned, “I’ll find it tomorrow, promise.” “So, how was summer?” “Yeah, great!” Remus grinned wider than he meant to. Lily smiled back at him, looking genuinely pleased. 4 “Oh, that’s lovely! What did you do?” “Um… oh nothing. Loads of homework.” “Weirdo.” Lily elbowed him, laughing, “Even I don’t like homework that much.” * * * He was right, by the time he got back to the common room, everyone had gone to bed, and the marauder’s bedroom was dark and quiet. He padded quietly into the bathroom, brushed his teeth and pulled on his pyjamas, then crept over to his bed, drawing the curtains tight. It felt as though he had only just relaxed properly, when he heard Sirius get out of bed. He knew each of his roommates by their footsteps now. He used to like knowing it – now it felt like a peculiar kind of torture, as Sirius drew closer, and hissed; “Moony? Psst… oi, even you don’t fall asleep that easily!” Remus groaned, crawled to the edge of the bed and opened the curtains. “What??” “Oh c’mon, why are you avoiding us? Is it the prefect thing? You know we’re just teasing, lighten up! Here, I’ve got something for you.” He opened his hand. In the dark, Remus leaned over and saw his red and silver prefect pin. He frowned, “Is this a joke?” “No, take it! Trust me, Remus.” Sirius caught his eye, and Remus’s mind went completely blank. He accepted the pin, waited, and felt… nothing. He blinked, and looked down, “What?!” “Transfigured it,” Sirius smiled, looking thrilled. His teeth gleamed in the dark. “It’s tin, now. Did the same to James’s. I reckon I can get Mary to pinch Evans’s too, and I’ll do that. You’ll be spending loads of time with her, so might as well…” “Thank you…” “Don’t be silly,” Sirius shook his head, still smiling, eyes soft. “Anything for our Moony. G’night.” He turned and crept back to his own bed. Remus fell back onto his pillows, exhaling heavily, still clutching the pin so tight it bit into his palm. He flung the covers over his head, and willed his heart to stop pounding. ​Oh god​, he thought, grimly. ​I fancy Sirius Black. (Song: Black Dog - Led Zeppelin) 5 SEVENTY-FOUR Fifth Year: Pain Remus overslept the next morning, and would have missed breakfast if Peter hadn’t shouted his name about a hundred times before leaving himself. As the door slammed, Remus rolled onto his back and stared at a chink of light coming through his curtains. He had slept badly, and resigned himself to sleeping badly every night until he’d got this ridiculous Sirius thing out of his system. The first thing to do was to stop ​thinking​ about it, he told himself, sternly, jumping up out of bed and heading straight for the shower. Cold as he could stand it. James and Sirius must have left early for quidditch. A memory of Sirius in his scarlet robes surfaced; hair pulled back, face glistening, that energetic, competitive glint in his eyes. Remus groaned, and turned the shower knob all the way down from lukewarm to icy. He forced himself to think about something else – Charms, or Arithmancy, or History… yes, he found that listing off the names of the generals involved in each side of the Great Goblin revolt of 1642 seemed to calm him down a bit. Gave him something to focus on anyway. You couldn’t have lustful thoughts with names like ‘Krebshunk’ and ‘Frip the Disembowler’ running through your head. He dressed and headed down for breakfast. Their first lesson was Transfiguration, and you could never get away with being late for McGonagall. In the Great Hall, Peter was sitting at the Ravenclaw table with Desdemona, and they were clearly getting reacquainted after a very long summer apart. Remus sighed a little, inwardly, remembering how that felt. It was even worse to watch other couples snogging when you knew what you were missing. Sirius and James were at the Gryffindor table, both dressed in their school uniform, but decidedly rumpled from practice. Their body language was very out of character; Sirius was turned away from James, nose in the air, James looked furtive and wound up - if Remus didn’t know better, he’d have thought they were in the middle of a row. As he sat down opposite his two friends, he found that his first impression had been correct. They were sitting in stony silence, and it was clear that Sirius was being very stubborn about something. “Morning.” Remus said, tentatively, reaching for some toast and jam. “Morning, your prefect-ness,” Sirius replied, with half a smile. He was pouring spoonful after spoonful of brown sugar into his porridge. “Hiya, Moony,” James said, glancing over at him briefly before turning back to Sirius. He looked worn out, stressed. It did not suit him. “Sirius.” He said, very seriously. Sirius ignored him. “​Sirius​.” James repeated, louder. “Not now, Potter. I’m busy.” “You’re playing with your breakfast.” James wrinkled his nose, “And please don’t eat that, my teeth hurt just looking at it.” 6 Remus thought it looked good, actually. He liked very sweet things, especially when he was in a bad mood. He kept this opinion to himself. Best not to get involved, where James and Sirius were concerned. Sirius finished pouring his last teaspoon of sugar, stirred it vigorously, until the mixture had turned the texture and colour of sand. He scooped up a heaped spoonful, then - making eye contact with James the whole time - shoved it in his mouth and chewed. Remus could hear the grains of sugar crunching between his teeth. James shook his head, “You don’t have to be like ​that​, I’m not Regulus.” He said, grumpily. Sirius scowled at him, then stood up. “Gotta go to the library.” He said, his mouth still full of oversweet porridge. “See you in Transfiguration.” James sighed, heavily, watching Sirius leave. Remus breathed a small sigh of relief, but felt immediately guilty about it. There was obviously something wrong with his friend, and he ought to be as concerned as James. “What’s up?” He asked, hoping he sounded calm and caring. “See him limping?” James said, still watching Sirius walk out of the hall. Remus looked. He had the same arrogant swagger as usual, his hair swishing and his shoulders back - but… yes, Remus thought James was right. He looked a little unsteady on his feet. “Something happen at practice?” Remus frowned. “No.” James shook his head, “Been like that since yesterday.” Remus thought back, scanning his memories - Sirius had been sitting down most of the time Remus had seen him, and even then, Remus hadn’t exactly been looking in great detail. In fact, he had been trying to do the complete opposite. His guilt took on a new dimension. “You think his mum did something?” He asked, his stomach churning. “I ​know​ she did.” James replied, fiercely. He was looking at the Slytherin table, now. “He tried to hide it in the changing rooms, but I caught him in the showers and… Merlin, Moony, if you saw…” “What?” James shook his head, as if he wished he could shake out the image. “She’s butchered him.” A chill ran through Remus that was ten times more effective than a cold shower. All of a sudden he was eleven again, and back in the quidditch changing room after he and Sirius had crashed their brooms. Eleven-year-old Sirius whispered ‘I’ve got scars…’ and lifted his trouser leg to show the long, straight silver marks. At the time Remus had only thought how different they were from his own scars - how neat and uniform, as if they had been done with a razor blade. Later, Sirius had described the scars as a discipline technique, but they had never discussed it again. “Is he ok?” Remus asked, shakily, no longer wanting his toast. “He says he is.” James replied, “But he won’t… he won’t talk about it, or say anything. Ugh, I shouldn’t have brought up Regulus like that. He’s just so bloody ​stubborn​.” 7 “What can we do?” Remus worried, “He can’t go back there, it’s not right. Can your family do something?” “They tried, last summer,” James said, sadly, “But no joy. If I can get him to go to someone; Dumbledore, or even Madam Pomfrey, if they could see what that old bitch does… maybe we can get him out.” “He won’t, though.” Remus sighed. Sirius would never show weakness like that. “Can you try, Moony?” James asked, desperately, “He won’t talk to me, but sometimes you can sort of shock him into it.” “Me?!” “Yeah, y’know, I think he listens to you, sometimes. He always wants to impress you.” Oh why did James have to say a thing like that? They went to Transfiguration, and found Sirius already there, studiously ignoring them. It was the same story for the rest of the day, even at lunchtime, Sirius engaged Mary and Marlene in conversation before James or Remus could get a word in. He kept them entertained with silly impressions of Peter and Desdemona, so that they were hysterical with laughter. James sat by, grim faced, his expression not flickering once. They weren’t able to trap Sirius alone until well after dinner. Peter was once again conspicuously absent, and Remus found that he and Lily were off the rota for patrol that evening. They caught Sirius exiting the bathroom, and James stood in front of the door, so he couldn’t escape into the common room. Remus decided to go for the direct approach. “Heard you had a shit summer.” He said, looking Sirius in the eye. It was easier, if you were ready for it. Sirius snorted, “What’s James been saying?” “That you’re hurt, but you’re too much of a stuck-up git to admit it.” “I’m not ​hurt​.” Sirius growled, disgusted. “It’s healing.” “This morning you were bleeding!” James said, angrily, clearly at his wits end. “What?!” Remus said, alarmed, “God, Sirius, you have to go to Madam Pomfrey!” “And have the whole school know how my mother likes to amuse herself?! No thanks.” “Yeah, because Madam Pomfrey tells the whole school everything…” Remus said, raising a sarcastic eyebrow. “Let me see.” “No! Godric, you’re worse than Potter!” “Come on, I’ve shown you mine.” Remus caught his eye again and held it. He saw Sirius calculating, weighing up the benefits, then slowly relenting. “I don’t want James to see.” He said, looking down, embarrassed. Remus turned and looked at James, whose shoulders slumped a bit with disappointment. Still, stoic as ever, he nodded and promptly left the room. Remus felt very vulnerable, now, being alone with Sirius. He pushed all selfish thoughts aside and tried to concentrate on helping his best friend. 8 “C’mon then,” he nodded at Sirius, “Let’s see, one victim to another.” He’d meant that as a bit of a dark joke, but realised at once that it had been the wrong thing to say. He cursed himself and resolved to shut up unless he had something helpful to say. Sirius sat on the nearest bed, which happened to be Remus’s, and pulled up his trouser leg. Remus had to hold back a gasp of horror. James had used exactly the right word - butchered. These marks were not neat and ordered, as the earlier scars had been. They were vicious, cross-crossed, varying in depth and severity. The entire backs of his calves looked as though someone had sliced at them with a surgeon’s scalpel. “Lacero?” Remus asked, trying to keep his face blank. Sirius flinched slightly at the word, but nodded. “Bitch.” Remus said. Sirius laughed. “Goes all the way up.” He said. “Shit.” Remus breathed. He backed away, then went to his bedside table to rummage around, “I’ve got something that’ll stop it hurting.” “It doesn’t--” “Don’t lie,” Remus commanded, pulling out his jar of murtlap essence, “I know pain.” Sirius accepted this. Remus returned and handed him the jar. Sirius looked at it, then at Remus, expectantly. “You rub it on.” Remus said. he shook the jar, impatiently, “Come on, I’m not doing it for you, I’m not your house elf.” He thought he’d been doing pretty well, but it would all come crumbling down if he had to ​touch​ Sirius, even somewhere as innocent as his calves. Sirius grinned and took the murtlap essence. He scooped out a liberal dollop with his long fingers, and smeared some onto his leg. Remus saw from the look in his face that it had worked at once; his features relaxed, some of the sharpness left his eyes. He must have really been in pain. “Bloody hell, you’re amazing, Moony!” Sirius said, cheering up as he continued to apply the essence. Remus blushed and shrugged, “It’s just magic, not like I discovered the stuff.” “Yeah, but still…” Sirius stood up now, and began to unbutton his trousers so that he could do the rest of the cuts. Remus practically leapt back, and scrambled towards the door, babbling, “I’ll um… I’ll give you some privacy… got to go anyway… homework…” his voice was much higher than he wanted it to be. He practically ran down the stairs and bumped straight into James. “Is he ok?!” “Yeah, yeah… I gave him something for it. Just give him a minute, I think he’ll come down.” “Brilliant, thanks Remus.” “I didn’t talk to him about going to a teacher or anyone…” “Yeah, but he’s talking to ​us​, now,” James beamed. “Seriously, thanks, Moony, you’re a legend! We’re going to pay you back… I’m not supposed to say anything about it yet, but… well, I ​promise​ we’re going to!” 9 With that, James clapped him on the shoulder, then ran up the stairs to see Sirius. Remus sank into a nearby armchair, and decided to reassess a few things. He had to get away, in case they came back down. He left the common room and went to the library, where he spent the rest of the evening painstakingly studying the goblin rebellions. It was OWLs this year, after all, and he couldn’t allow his libido to wreck everything he’d been working for. It was almost curfew by the time he felt ready to leave. His eyes itched and his back ached, and he was in a bad mood – but at least he wasn’t thinking about Sirius any more. Well. Not really. He left the library and walked quickly up the dark corridors the Gryffindor Tower. He was at least halfway there when he heard an odd sort of noise – like a whimper – at the end of the Charms hallway. Sighing to himself, he went to investigate. Lily would have his guts for garters if he didn’t. It was as he suspected. Two Slytherins had cornered a Ravenclaw first year, and were tormenting him. They had him in a binding curse – Remus had been in that position plenty of times. “​Expelliarmus​,” he called out, and the two Slytherin’s wands flew into his hands. They turned, one dark haired, one fair. Barty Crouch and Regulus Black. “Oh, ​you​ two…” Remus yawned, leaning casually against the wall. The Ravenclaw scurried off, squeaking a quick ‘thank you!’ to Remus as he did. “Loony Lupin!” Barty smirked. He had a horrible smile, as if he had never really known joy, or happiness. “Watch your tongue, Crouch,” Remus hissed, then shot a curse at him. At once, Barty’s tongue began to swell up, turning purple as it did so. He clutched at it, desperately, but it was one of James’s engorgement charms, and could not be stopped. “Better get to the hospital wing,” Remus smiled, pleasantly. “I’ll send your wands to your Head of House, let him know you were out of bounds…” “How dare you!” Regulus seethed, marching over to Remus. He was much shorter – almost the same height as Sirius, but it didn’t stop him squaring up to the fifth year. The summer had clearly treated Regulus poorly too – he was paler than ever, his eyes dark and hollow. “Filthy half-blood scum! You might be a prefect, but you’re still just a cowardly, dirty---“ “Cowardly, am I?!” Remus saw red, and dropped bo...

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Are all young dudes complete?

It was written from March 2017 to November 2018. The fan fiction is over 500,000 words long and contains 188 chapters. All the Young Dudes is named after a song by David Bowie of the same name. ... All the Young Dudes (fan fiction).

How many All The Young Dudes books are there?

MsKingBean's “All The Young Dudes” has been divided into three volumes.

Where can I read all the young dudes books?

All The Young Dudes - Reading | Podcasts on Audible |

Are all the young dudes cannon?

It is a canon divergent fic that fills in the Marauders timeline and is focused on Wolfstar (Sirius Black/Remus Lupin), spanning from their arrival to Hogwarts and all the way until the events of Order of Phoenix & Deathly Hallows and is a total of 526,969 words long (188 chapters).