Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior book 7 release date 2022

The Diary of an 8-bit warrior series is the ultimate Minecraft fan-fiction for ages 7 and over. Written by author, gamer and Minecraft super-fan Cube Kid, the series follows Runt, a twelve-year-old Minecraft villager who dreams of becoming a warrior.

Originally self-published under the title Wimpy Villager, Diary of an 8 Bit Warrior became an instant hit in the Minecraft community. There are now six books in the unofficial Minecraft adventure series.

Runt’s journal has great colour illustrations and lots of laugh-out-loud moments alongside the exciting adventures. The journal format will appeal to fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries and, needless to say, Minecraft book series can be the perfect way to get fans of the game reading.

Although there are many other (official and unofficial) Minecraft books for kids, the gripping pace, humour and illustrations in this series make it a great one to start with. It’s best to read the books in order to follow Runt’s journey from noob to warrior on his perilous and exciting quests. Start with book one and you’ll race through the series in no time thanks to the cliff-hangers at the end of each story.

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All the Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior books in order:
Book 1: Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior (2017)
Book 2: Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: From Seeds to Swords (2017)
Book 3: Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Crafting Alliances (2017)
Book 4: Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Path of the Diamond (2017)
Book 5: Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Quest Mode (2018)
Book 6: Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Forging Destiny (2019)

The fact is that there is an incredulous amount of info in this wiki that will not be used (hear me out o.k)

An author can only write so much and the story in nearing the endgame,

It would not be very good if CK crammed a bunch of info into the story during

team runt going to the capital and dont even get me started on classes. sure the topic of classes would come up but even i know that there are to many to put into one journal entry. and if so it would be so boring readers would wanna gouge there eyes out.

In fact team runt will probably not go to most of the realms (possibly nether and/or ice-hollow) team runt will probably not use every potion team runt will probably not interact with most divinities (maybe servants though) team runt will probably not use every item. The truth is once an author finishes a series

They cant just hop on discord and say whoops actually max was evil and betrayed them all along so the majority of info will not be canon, An author only has power over there story through the books.

Possible solution:

One of those "guide books" for example J.K Rowling released an official copy of fantastic beasts and where to find them ( with small notes in margins by harry)

I feel as if though that would probably be the the best option.

Thanks for reading through that wall of text.

TL;DR to much info not enough books if series ends without giving all info none of it will be canon


IK that but like that long?

You dont have to be so rude about it


1 you clearly dont know what sarcasm is

2 how do you expect me to not be rude after for some reason you decided to scroll all the way down to reply from this post which is a year old

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Bro i didn't know that this post was almost 1 year old alr?

How did you even find this post then

Also i apologize for being rude, these past few weeks the amount of necroposts have been driving me crazy

What do you think i use to search things up these days

So you googled when the next book will come out...

Duh? Isn't obvious? It lead me to here after i searched when the book seven would come out. ALso Im also sorry for lashing out to you and acting rashly.


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Is there a seventh Diary of an 8

Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior Series There are now six books in the unofficial Minecraft adventure series.

Is Cube Kid making another book?

actually, the new book is coming this october. ck said on discord.

How old is Diary of an 8

Product information.

What happens to Pebble in Diary of an 8

After clearing the invasion, Pebble realized his mistake and offered everything he had to Runt. He then admitted to the mayor that he was to blame for the sabotage, and was exiled for his crimes.