Did jigsaw ever say do you want to play a game?

Known for its nailbiting, cringe-inducing taps and for the outrageous amounts of unfiltered gore, the bloodsoaked Saw franchise has become a staple for horror fans. Yet, while the series has earned a reputation for a disarming focus on dismemberment, the films often offer introspective themes that can be equally mesmerizing.

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From the musings of Detective Mark Hoffman to the twisted teachings of John Kramer himself, the Saw movies provide more food for thought than your average horror collection. Make no mistake; the emphasis is still on the blood and guts—particularly in the franchises' later entries—but there are more than a few thought-provoking quotes sprinkled throughout the series.


"Oh, Yes. There Will Be Blood." - John Kramer (Saw II)

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw in 2005's Saw II.

After kidnapping Detective Matthews' son Daniel and forcing him through the infamous Nerve Gas House game, Jigsaw saves footage of the event and fools Matthews into believing that the recorded footage is occurring in real-time.

When Matthews confronts Jigsaw and demands to know his son's whereabouts, Kramer offers a coy response, informing him that he has two hours left before the nerve gas his son is inhaling kills him. He finishes his twisted speech with a grim smile and the affirmation that "there will be blood."

"It's The Rules." - Zep Hindle (Saw)

Zep Hindle in the finale of the original Saw movie.

Much of the original Saw film takes place within a single room, a dingey and disgusting subterranean lavatory that serves as the stage for Dr. Gordon's game. Chained to the wall and given a set amount of time to kill Adam, the other man in the room with him, Gordon goes to extreme lengths to free himself, though he's ultimately unable to accomplish the task in time.

During the movie's climactic ending, Zep Hindle, the man forced into orchestrating Gordon's game, enters the room and checks on Adam, who is playing dead. Though it's a convincing ruse, Zep still points his gun at Dr. Gordon, and, when Gordon asks him why, Zep simply replies with "it's the rules."

"Once You're In Hell, Only The Devil Can Help You Out." - Jigsaw (Saw II)

Obi Tate's hand in the furnace in Saw II.

Midway through Saw II, it is revealed that Obi Tate, a man trapped in Jigsaw's Nerve Gas House game, actually aided the killer by capturing the other players. Though he's not particularly repentant, he agrees to crawl inside of a furnace and retrieve two antidote-filled syringes.

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Before entering the furnace, a tape left by Jigsaw warns that "once you're in hell, only the devil can help you out." This was meant to allude to the fact that Obi had to turn a valve within the furnace to shut off the flames. Unfortunately, he didn't put that together, and he ultimately paid the price.

"Your Dad Is The Reason I Got Into This In The First Place" - William Schenk (Spiral)

Detectives Marcus Banks and William Schenk in Spiral: From the Book of Saw.

After first being introduced to his new partner, Rookie detective William Schenk offers Marcus Banks his thoughts on his father, remarking that "your dad is the reason I got into this in the first place." At first, the quote seems to praise the controversial police chief, but it takes on a twisted double meaning later down the line.

The film's climax reveals that Schenk was actually the killer all along, and his reason for taking up the mantle of Jigsaw was to enact his own brand of justice against the city's police force. Ultimately, Banks' father inspired a killer, not a detective.

"Suffering? You Haven't Seen Anything Yet." - John Kramer (Saw III)

Jigsaw on a hospital bed in Saw III.

Saw III was noted for upping the ante when it came to gore and violence, introducing new and wildly more sadistic traps and challenges. However, it remained as thought-provoking as the previous entries, and it even had the gall to kill off Jigsaw, though it would be far from his final appearance in the series.

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Midway through the movie, Kramer is discussing his thoughts on marriage with his captive nurse, Lynn. She remarks that her marriage had gone through more suffering than he could imagine, and he retorts with "suffering? You haven't seen anything yet."

"When Faced With Death, Who Should Live Versus Who Will Live Are Two Entirely Separate Things." - Jigsaw (Saw VI)

William Easton, the protagonist of Saw VI.

In the minds of many, the Saw franchise started to slip in terms of quality after the release of Saw II. That said, 2009's Saw VI was a surprisingly refreshing and wholly terrifying experience that worn-out fans weren't expecting.

Primarily focused on John Kramer's dealings with an insurance company that denied him repeatedly based on his terminal condition, Saw VI sees insurance rep William Easton face the consequences of his transgressions. When forced to decide which of two co-workers will die, Jigsaw reminds him of his calloused decisions in the past, stating that "when faced with death, who should live versus who will live are two entirely separate things."

"The Sewer Lines Run Under This Neighborhood Too, Doctor." - Detective Tapp (Saw)

Detective Tapp with his weapon drawn in the original Saw movie.

After interrogating Doctor Gordon for his apparent connections to the Jigsaw murders, Detective Tapp returns him to his home in the city. Though apathetic, Gordon doesn't seem to genuinely care about Jigsaw's victims.

Believing Gordon to feel like he's above the city's seedy goings-on, Tapp offers him an anecdote about a dentist who lived in the same neighborhood who was arrested because he "liked to play with kids a bit too much." To drive home the point that Gordon isn't as distant from these issues as he would like to believe, Tapp closes by saying that "the sewer lines run under this neighborhood, too, Doctor."

"Live Or Die, Make Your Choice." - Jigsaw (Multiple)

The Billy puppet from the Saw franchise.

Though he doesn't always live up to his twisted code of ethics, Jigsaw believes that he's putting his victims through trials that, should they survive, will cause them to value their lives once again. He doesn't think of himself as a killer, and that's evident in just about every videotape he puts together.

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Most of Jigsaw's victims are told the rules of their games by way of grainy VHS recordings framed around the infamous Billy puppet. Just about every one of them ends with the line "live or die, make your choice," implying that his victims are always presented with an opportunity to escape—though that's not always true.

"I Want To Play A Game." - Jigsaw (Multiple)

A VHS recording of the Billy Puppet in the Saw movie franchise.

The phrase which serves as the introduction to many of his Jigsaw's recordings, "I want to play a game" has become an iconic tagline associated with the Saw franchise, and the killer's decision to frame his cruel challenges as mere "games" makes things all the more disturbing.

Though malignant on its own, it's made all the more intimidating by the performance of Tobin Bell, whose low, raspy voice makes the phrase sound far more menacing than it would otherwise.

"Game Over." - John Kramer (Saw)

John Kramer shutting a door in the final moments of Saw.

Easily the most iconic and terrifying phrase uttered by anyone in the Saw franchise, Jigsaw's signature "game over" line will haunt the nightmares of horror fans for decades to come.

Appearing in eight of the nine movies in the series, he's delivered these chilling two words multiple times. However, no moment was more mortifying or more memorable than his show-stopping utterance of the phrase during the final sequence of the original movie. Shouting "game over" and slamming the door on a still-screaming Adam, it was one of the greatest finales in horror movie history.

What is jigsaws famous line?

"Live Or Die, Make Your Choice." - Jigsaw (Multiple) Just about every one of them ends with the line "live or die, make your choice," implying that his victims are always presented with an opportunity to escape—though that's not always true.

What does Saw say when he wants to play a game?

"I Want To Play A Game." One of Jigsaw's most iconic lines, almost every trap he orchestrates is kicked off with this memorable phrase. While memorable, the terminology employed here is important; Jigsaw doesn't view his challenges as deathtraps.

Would you like to play a game quote?

Charlie confesses to hacking NORAD as a teenager causing Dean to reply, "Whatever you say, WarGames". In the console commands, the text says "Would you like to play a game?". Kinzie replies "Global thermonuclear war". Then, the text finally replied "The only winning move is not to play".

Do you want to play a game reference?

Shall we play a game? In the scene where the Black Widow boots up SHIELD's supercomputer from a bygone era, she asks Captain America, “Shall we play a game?”, with Captain America replying, “Love to. How about Global Thermonuclear War?” This is a reference to a line from WarGames, a 1983 Cold War sci-fi film.