How do I just leave a voicemail?

We’ve all had to make phone calls we wish we didn’t have to make. As the phone rings, we pray for voicemail to pick up. (Millennials understand the struggle.) And while the FCC is cracking down on robocallers leaving "ringless voicemail," there are still ways for the average person to avoid the horror that is speaking to another human on the phone.


How do I just leave a voicemail?

Slydial(Opens in a new window) lets a caller go directly into a mobile number's voicemail. Even better, the basic service is free, and no signup is required to use it unless you need more functionality.

To use Slydial, dial 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425). When prompted, enter the US mobile phone number for the person you are trying to call. Once the service connects you, leave your voicemail, and then just hang up.

You can also use the Slydial app for iOS(Opens in a new window) or Android(Opens in a new window). Create a free account with the service, then choose a contact through the app or manually enter a phone number. Once the app has connected the call, leave a voicemail and hang up when you're finished.

Unfortunately, not all phone numbers can be dialed: Slydial doesn't work with landline phones, third-party voicemail services, VoIP numbers, or prepaid mobile phones. If you subscribe to one of the premium plans, you can eliminate the ads on the service and send messages to multiple contacts at once.  

Alternative services exist, but most voice-broadcasting services don't offer functionality for free, and most focus on messaging dozens or hundreds of contacts at a time. 

Call Through Voicemail

How do I just leave a voicemail?

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Traditional voicemail services once offered this feature, but visual voicemail (with a visual interface that lets you access messages directly) has mostly eliminated that possibility. If your phone does not have visual voicemail, and you have to call an inbox to hear your messages, you may still be able to use this feature.

Check with your carrier on specifics, but an option to "send a message" may be in the voicemail menu. This will allow you to send a voice message from your voicemail to another person's inbox without having to make a phone call first. Even if you have this feature, it can only be used to send messages to contacts with the same carrier as you. So Verizon customers can send voice messages only to other Verizon customers, for example.

Voice Messaging

How do I just leave a voicemail?

Many messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp, offer the ability to send voice messages to contacts without needing to make a phone call at all. Typically, you would send a voice message by opening a conversation in the app and holding down the microphone button. You then let go to send the message or swipe the screen to delete. 

Apple iPhone users can send voice messages from Apple's Messages app by tapping the microphone button inside the text box (this works only when you're messaging other iPhones). By default, these messages last for only two minutes before they are deleted, but you can change that. Tap Keep under any sent voice message to preserve it.

For future voice messages, head to Settings > Messages and tap Expire under Audio Messages. You can set the expiration date to Never, but this affects only your record of the conversation, not the recipient's.

Apple's Voice Memos app can also be used to record a voice message. You then tap the ellipsis icon and open the Share pane to find the correct destination.

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I hate calling people, because It gives me anxiety. 

The long wait for the other person to pick up the phone or running out of things to say just gets me all sweaty and weird before a call. 

To avoid this, I pray the call goes to Voicemail without even having to make the call. 

One day I wondered if I could cut out the middleman and just leave a Voicemail Without Calling.

So I searched the internet and stumbled upon these surprising yet efficient ways to leave a voicemail without calling, and it was just what I needed. 

To leave a voicemail without calling, you can use services offered by the same service provider as the intended recipient, or you can try various messaging apps.

Why Go Straight to Voicemail?

How do I just leave a voicemail?

As mentioned at the start, I have to deal with a huge burst of anxiety every time I make a call that most of the conversations I have must be scripted beforehand to avoid awkwardness. 

But leaving voicemails cannot be narrowed down to just personal reasons. 

There may be instances when you are just too busy to actually make a call and wait for the other person to pick up or call again if they don’t. 

There are also cases when the WiFi or mobile data may not be working for you to send a message online, so you will have to resort to the traditional voicemail settings of the phone. 

You may also not want to disturb the other person when you know they are busy. 

In such cases leaving a voicemail directly can avoid so much trouble, and you can be assured that the message is conveyed. 

Send Voicemail Directly via Service Provider

It all boils down to the type of service you have in use. 

And in this case, the service providers you are using might or might not be able to assist you. 

Here is a list of service providers who may be able to navigate you through this process.

Service ProviderSteps
AT&T Hold the 1 key and press 2 to enter into your voicemailEnter the number and record the messagePress # to send and for special delivery options choose 1Give 2 for urgent delivery and 3 for private delivery
Verizon Call the voicemail access number and press 2 to send messageFollow instructions givenAdd delivery option: 1 – private, 2 – urgent, 3 – request confirmation and 4 – future delivery Press on # to send voic-email
T-Mobile Call the number 1 – 805 – 637 – 7243Log in to the voicemail account Follow the instructions given to send voicemail
Sprint Call the voicemail number and sign in firstChoose the option to send message Follow instructions given
Straight Talk Dial #86 and login using the login PIN numberPress 2 and type in receiver’s numberPress # and record messagePress # again to send finally

It is also important to know that these voicemail services work only if the receiving party has the same service provider. 

For example, AT&T can send voicemails to AT&T customers only, and the same goes with Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. 

Hence, make sure that you are sending your voicemails via the correct service providers and know the receiving party’s service provider.

Call Via Voicemail Inbox

How do I just leave a voicemail?

This is the most common method mentioned in the above section. 

You can call your own voicemail inbox and sign in using the login code to check for the methods of sending a voicemail without calling. 

You can check the specific settings within your voicemail inbox for the option of sending a voicemail, and once you click on it, you can just follow the prompted instructions. 

The steps will always vary from service provider to service provider but will only work within the same service provider.

Use Voice Notes on Messaging Apps

There is always the obvious choice of leaving your Voicemail via the popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. 

But when it comes to any scenario where the internet is not available, you will have to resort to extra measures. 

There are mainly two applications that allow you to achieve such a feat: Slydial and WhatCall. 

Let us look into these apps in detail over the next few sections of the guide.

Use Slydial

How do I just leave a voicemail?

Before using Slydial, there are a few things you need to know about it first. 

You can get Slydial for free and access all operations for free, but you will receive ads in between, which can disrupt you from time to time. 

To avoid this, there is a premium option available for Slydial where you will have to pay just a small amount. 

Now moving on to the actual call, you should have the app installed and ready to go before making the calls. 

After creating an account, you can connect to its services by dialing 267-SLYDIAL on your phone’s normal call app. 

You will hear a set of instructions as an audio prompt and enter the number when asked. 

Record the message after you have given the number of the receiver and lastly hit send. 

One of the important things to keep in mind while using Slydial services is that it works only for mobile phones. 

Even if the receiver has a digital landline with recording provisions, the app will not allow you to send voicemails to that number.

Use WhatCall

How do I just leave a voicemail?

WhatCall is another app available for download on both iOS and Android that will help you leave voicemails without calling. 

Unlike Slydial, you will have to pay $0.99 for its services. 

The app comes with the feature to export contacts from the user’s phone into the app for quick access. 

You can just select the number you want to send the Voicemail to and call the number. 

The call will not be sent, and your option goes directly to Voicemail without the other end ringing.

Cut out the Middleman and Head Straight to Voicemail

Even though there are only two specific apps mentioned in the guide, you can always look for more apps, but make sure to check if they are all legit to prevent any mishaps. 

There have been some user complaints directed at Slydial and WhatCall that they work only sometimes, so look for signs of your app running into any trouble. 

There is an option within the specific contact you can access from the three-dot icon that allows you to Route to Voicemail directly on some Android phones. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still leave a voicemail if I’m blocked?

You will be directed straight to their Voicemail if you have been blocked and the message does not appear among the regular messages of the receiver who has blocked you.

Can I listen to a voicemail I left on someone’s phone?

Unfortunately, you cannot listen to a voicemail you recorded after hitting send on the phone.

How do I retrieve voice messages?

If you are an Android user, you can retrieve your old voice messages from the Deleted Messages inside your Voicemail in the inbuilt phone app. The steps can vary for different service providers.

How do I divert calls and texts to another number?

You can divert your texts and calls to another number from the Settings in the Menu shown on the top left corner of your Android device Voice App. In addition, you can forward messages from under the Messages option in that window.

Is there a way you can just leave a voicemail?

You can call up a phone number with the specific intention of landing directly into the voicemail-box—no conversation required. The technology is known as “ringless voicemail.” Going straight to voicemail works in a few ways: Customizing your caller ID.

Is there a way to just leave a voicemail on iPhone?

Things You Should Know. You can easily share and forward voicemail from the Phone app by tapping the Share icon. Tap and hold the audio wave or the microphone icon in the Messages app to send a voice message. Use Slydial to leave a voicemail without calling.