How do you get different color Shellos?

With so many Pokémon to keep track of in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, it can be difficult to remember all of the slight differences between them. You may encounter different colored Shellos and its evolved form, Gastrodon while battling other trainers and exploring the Grand Underground. What are the form differences between Shellos and Gastrodon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

We can confirm there are no differences between the two different forms of Shellos and Gastrodon. These Pokémon merely have two different colors that you can find while exploring the Grand Underground. Both of these Pokémon are Water and Ground-types, and if you fight them, you’ll primarily want to use Grass-type attacks to hit them with the most powerful attacks possible.

You only have to capture one of these Pokémon for it to count in your PokéDex. You do not need to capture both versions for it to count because they are considered the same Pokémon. Given the color and physical differences between them, it might throw you off, but don’t worry, they’re considered the same in your PokéDex. Both of them can be found in the Grand Underground while you’re exploring this region. A Shellos will evolve into Gastrodon of the same color.

Some Pokémon have different variants. Usually, these are dependent on regions and can completely alter the Pokémon; for example, the fire-type Pokémon Ninetails has a variant form in the Alolan region that changes it into an ice/fairy dual-type. These variants can also be purely cosmetic, however, such as with the Pokémon Shellos. Here’s how you can get your hands on either an East Sea or West Sea Shellos.

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First, the main thing to keep in mind is that the Shellos variants are purely cosmetic. An East Sea and a West Sea Shellos offer no advantages or disadvantages over the other. West Sea Shellos have a pink and white color scheme while East Sea Shellos have a blue and green color scheme. Your Pokédex can be completed with having only one of the variants registered, so you only need to worry about the specific Shellos if you have a color preference or are looking to add it to your personal collection.

How do you get different color Shellos?
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A Western Sea Shellos can be found on the Western side of Mount Coronet, the mountain range that splits the Sinnoh region, and an Eastern Sea Shellos can be found on the Eastern side. A great place to catch a Western Sea Shellos is Route 205, which you’ll pass through on your way to the Eterna City Gym. An easy way to find an Easter Sea Shellos is on Route 213, a route you’ll take after completing the Pastoria City Gym.

East Sea Shellos and West Sea Shellos in the latest Pokémon Go eventWhere to find the Gen 4 Pokémon during the Ultra Unlock event.

How do you get different color Shellos?

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Updated on 6 Aug 2021

How do you get different color Shellos?

How to catch East Sea Shellos and West Sea Shellos - also known as 'pink Shellos' and 'blue Shellos' - in the latest Pokémon Go event.

East Sea Shellos and West Sea Shellos are two regional exclusive creatures made more readably available as part of Ultra Unlock 2021: Space - the current in-game event for Pokémon Go.

Originally debuting in the game in May 2019, as well as the two forms, each has an evolution to discover, too - Gastrodon.

All of these all of which will help flesh out your Gen 4 Pokédex.

Catching these Shellos forms are not all the event has to offer - with the arrival of Heracross and Kangaskhan in raids, making it another set of regionals becoming more widely available.

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How to get East Sea Shellos and West Sea Shellos - or Pink Shellos and Blue Shellos - in the latest Pokémon Go event

Shellos, described as the "sea slug Pokémon", first appeared with both its West Sea and East Sea forms in May 2019.

You can find both forms of Shellos throughout the duration of the Ultra Unlock 2021: Space event by:

  • Completing the 'Make 7 Great Curveball Throws' event research task (random chance of East Sea or West Sea)
  • Step 4 in the Ultra Unlock 2021: Space Research quest (both forms when completing the 'Make 7 Great Curveball Throws' and 'Make 7 Nice Curveball Throws in a row' challenges)
  • Hatching 7km eggs
  • Appearing in Tier 1 Raids
  • Spotlight Hour (East Sea on Tuesday 10th, West Sea on Tuesday 17th)
How do you get different color Shellos?
How do you get different color Shellos?
East Sea Shellos and West Sea Shellos.

Though Shellos doesn't spawn in the wild, there are thankfully plenty of ways to get your hands on them.

Those completing the Ultra Unlock 2021: Space research quest will see both forms rewarded during the fourth step. However, that's just one of each Shellos type - and chances are you'll want more along the way.

The most unpredictable is 7km eggs - since there is a wider pool of event creatures you can also hatch - as well as the research task, where you have no control over which form you'll receive.

This means Tier 1 raids are preferred - especially as they can be completed solo - though obviously depends them appearing in gyms in your area.

However, it's the two Spotlight Hours which are the best way to get East Sea and West Sea Shellos, with each form having a dedicated focus.

This is by far the easiest time to catch them, as they will be spawning in the wild for an hour over each subsequent week. This is the perfect chance to get plenty of Shellos candy too - you'll ideally want 100 total to evolve each 'pink' and 'blue' Shellos to get the respective colour Gastrodon.

How do you get different color Shellos?
How do you get different color Shellos?
East Sea Gastrodon and West Sea Gastrodon.

The Season of Mythical Wishes has arrived - bringing its first event, Mythic Blade, and the release of Crabrawler and Crabominable. There is also a new season of the Go Battle League for you to partake in. Elsewhere, be sure to use Daily Adventure Incense for the chance of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres.

In short - by the end of the Ultra Unlock event, you should have had plenty of chances to get both Shellos variants, especially if you can make your way to some raids and catch the Spotlight Hours. Best of luck!

Is there a difference between blue Shellos and pink Shellos?

The only difference between the eastern and western Shellos are their shapes (western Shellos have three knobs on their head, eastern Shellos have two "horns") and their colors (western Shellos are pink, eastern Shellos are blue). The variance extends to the evolved form of Gastrodon as well. >