How long does it take to walk a mile at 3.0 on treadmill?

The time it takes to run 3 miles a day is dependent on a number of factors including your age, gender, and your level of fitness.

Of the three, your fitness level is the most important factor. Do you want to run 3 miles without giving up? In this article I’ll give you my personal experience running 3 miles a day on a treadmill, how I started, what I did to build endurance, and the benefits I’ve gained so far while using my cushioned treadmill.

Table of Contents

    • How long does it take to run 3 miles?
    • How to improve your running time
      • Good Running Posture
      • Shoes
      • Treadmill
      • Breathe
      • Get a running pal
      • Turn up the incline
      • Run more
  • How many calories does running 3 miles burn
    • How Many Steps in 3 Miles on a Treadmill
    • Mistakes to avoid while running 3 miles
        • Dressing
        • Warming up
        • Bad form
        • Over exerting your body
        • Hydrating and nutrition
  • Final thoughts:

How long does it take to run 3 miles?

The table below shows how fast men and women run 3 miles. Men, due to their physique, run fasr than women. This handy calculator will help you calculate calories burned. Here is a quick look at how fast it takes to run 3 miles to 4 miles for male and female.

Runner’s AgeMen (Time in Mins)Women (Time in Mins)16 – 2027:4531:3521 – 2527:0030:0026 – 3030.0934:2631 – 3530:2736:8736 – 4031:5936:0341 – 4532:0437:0246 – 5033:0637:2351 – 5533:2439:0056 – 6036:2439:1561 – 6539:0543:1166 – 7040:5643:4171 – 9942:2848:36

This table is just a reference point for beginners. Apart from sex, here are some other factors that contribute to your speed per mile on a treadmill

  • Injuries
  • Height
  • Treadmill cushioning
  • Incline
  • Weight

Now, if you are a beginner, your speeds are not going to be that great. Amateur hour! I’ve been there and know how it feels. But if you stick to it and follow the recommendation below, your speeds will improve with time.

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How to improve your running time

The average time to run 3 miles depends from one individual to another. And, even the slowest runner can improve if he or she:

Good Running Posture

Like other exercise, running has its proper form that helps you run for longer and reduces fatigue. When running, your neck should be aligned with your spine. Your shoulders should be in line with your ears. You’ll have to gaze down once in a while to view your workout data. But ensure your head is in proper alignment with your back.

For the arms, always keep them at 90-degrees. If you are using a smart treadmill, you can hold onto the handrail for stability and heart rate monitoring.

The lower body also has its proper running form.  There are two types of runners. There is the forefoot striker and the heel striker. Either way, the wrong position could lead to injuries. To avoid injuries, always ensure your feet land at 90-degrees angle. Also, get the right shoes with cushioning.


The right running shoes can make a big difference on your speeds. When choosing workout shoes you should look at.

Outsole: For the outsole you should check on the flexibility, traction, and durability. outsoles are made of different materials including EVA foam and rubber. We recommend shoes with blown rubber outsoles because of the material’s flexibility and weight.

Upper: For the upper, it should be shaped to fit your feet perfectly. Opt for a knitted upper for breathability and comfort.

Collar: The ankle collar should wrap around your ankle without irritating the back

Heel cushioning: The heel should be well cushioned without adding weight. It should also provide stability while running.


The average time to run 3 miles is around 1 hour. Not all treadmills can handle exercises this long. You need a treadmill that you can run for 3 miles without the motor overheating or the belt chocking.

We recently reviewed some sprinting treadmill that offer cushioning to protect the knees and joints, come with powerful motors, and other important features such as heart rate monitoring.


When I first started I would forget to breathe. It’s funny thinking about it now, but most beginners go through this. Now, to run better and faster, you have to breathe. To overcome this roadblock I had to remind myself to breath.

When starting out, it may be difficult to breathe with your nose. That’s okay. You can start by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through the mouth. If you are doing 3 miles interval training or sprinting, breathing through the mouth is more efficient.

Another trick that I used and still use is by doing some breathing exercises before workouts or at work to strengthen my lungs.

Get a running pal

Yes, you may be running the 3 miles indoors but you don’t have to do it alone. This article lists the benefits of running with other like-minded individuals and we couldn’t agree more.

I found that using workout programs such as iFit, allows me to partner with other runners around the world. They cheer me, encourage me when I feel like giving up, plus I get free tips form world class trainers. Here are some treadmills with iFit you can use at home.

Turn up the incline

To speed up your pace, you need to up your game by increasing the level of incline.  Incline on treadmill helps build endurance which helps you improve on your speeds. Now, your treadmill may or may not have incline function. If your treadmill does not have this function, make good use of the stairs in your home. If you are still looking around for a treadmill, these inclining treadmills are excellent for 3 mile runs and more.

Run more

To improve your speeds, you need to keep at it. Be consistent. Run more. You get better at running by running some more. If you are a beginner, you could start with two days a week and gradually increase it to 5 days a week. With time, you’ll breathe easier and your running form will be excellent.

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How many calories does running 3 miles burn

Without a doubt, running is great for weight loss. And, if you are curious as to how many calories you’ll burn this chart by ACE (American Council on Exercise) will be of great help. According to their research, a 160lb person can burn anywhere from 12.4 calories per minute while jogging to 15.1 calories per minute while jogging.

So, if you weigh 160 lbs and it takes you 1 hour to run 3 miles, you can burn up to 906 calories running 3 miles. And, as you run you’ll engage your:

  • Glute muscles
  • Hamstring muscles
  • Core
  • Quads
  • Hip flexors

How Many Steps in 3 Miles on a Treadmill

Ok so while you are pounding it out on a treadmill trying to reach your 3 mile goal, the thought may cross your mind actually how many steps does it really take to hit 3 miles?

Well, it is surprisingly 6756 steps.  So if you actually do your 3-mile treadmill workout daily, you will only need to do another 3244 steps to reach the daily healthy average of 10,000 steps per day.

That really makes your daily 10,000 step goal easily achievable, especially if you are a person that works at a desk or a seated job all day.  Simply slip a 3 mile run in and before you know it you will have easily hit your 10,000 daily steps goal!

Mistakes to avoid while running 3 miles

Like other sports, there are some mistakes that could derail your progress. If you are new to treadmill running, avoiding these mistakes will turn you to a pro runner sooner than later.

  • Dressing

Yes it sounds simple but unfortunately some people get it wrong. They either overdress or under dress. First, no pajamas or work clothes. Second, for comfortable running, opt for running clothes made of thermax, silk, CoolMax, or DryFit materials.

These materials are breathable, quick drying, and do not cling to the skin. Please avoid clothes made of cotton. For shoes, please check on the recommendation above; well-cushioned, breathable, firm fitting shoes with good traction.

  • Warming up

Does running 3 miles require warming up? Yes, just like weightlifting, you need to warm up before you start the run. Some of the exercises you can do include starting with a slow 5 minute walk and gradually increase your speed or you could opt for exercises such as jumping jacks.

  • Bad form

Earlier we spoke about how bad running form can ruin your running experience. When running, ensure your neck aligns with your back, your arms are at 90-degrees angle, and your feet should gently hit the ground before bouncing back.

  • Over exerting your body

Everyone is different. Some people can run 3 miles everyday without breaking a sweat. However, for some people 3 miles a day is too much and their bodies end up bearing the brunt of it. Listen to your body. Gradually increase the days you exercise as your body becomes fitter.

  • Hydrating and nutrition

As you run your body heats up and cools itself through sweating. You need to replenish. Fluid intake during your run will keep you hydrated and boost your performance. To stay hydrated while running, take about 20 ounces of water an hour before the run. Avoid carbonated drinks.

While running, have your water bottle close and take some water whenever you feel thirsty. Also, keep taking fluids after the workout.

For your fuel, stick to healthy foods for your regular meals. Before  workouts, you can a very light snack, opt for low fat foods.

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Final thoughts:

How long does it take to run three miles? It takes anywhere between 1 hr to 1hr 15 minutes for women. This too can change depending on one’s age, physical fitness, and running form. To run 3 miles a day successfully, you need to warm up the right way, maintain proper running form and increase the speed gradually.

How long does it take to walk a mile at 3.0 on treadmill?


Written by Alisha Wishart –

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Writer and Contributor

Alisha, is a Mother, Wife and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).  She understands how demanding everyday life can be and takes great pride in working with individuals and groups to help them achieve their desired fitness goals. Read more about Alisha here.

How fast is 3.0 on a treadmill?

So at a treadmill speed setting of 3.0 (3 mph), you will walk one mile in 20 minutes.

How long does it take to walk a mile at 3.0 speed?

Speed is distance/time. Common walking paces are: Easy walk: 20:00 minutes per mile (3 mph) or 12:25 minutes per kilometer or slower.

How long is a 3

While there are a couple of variables that can alter the duration of a 3-mile walk on the treadmill, it will take about 45 to 55 minutes to complete that distance at a moderate pace.

How long does it take to walk 1 mile on a treadmill?

Between 11 to 15 minutes, ideally. If you walk at a more relaxed pace, are new to fitness or are older, your average mile time may be closer to 20 minutes. But your average speed can be improved with practice.