Is there a release date for Rise of the Shield Hero season 2?

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The second season of "The Rising of the Shield Hero" is on its way, meaning more sword fights and yes, lots more controversy to follow. Hurrah. If you missed out on all the excitement of the first season, you have quite a bit of catching up to do. But no worries — we've got you covered.

Here's everything you need to know about "The Rising of the Shield Hero."

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date and Where To Watch It

The Rising of the Shield Hero posterCrunchyroll

During the 2020 Kadokawa Light Novel expo, Crunchyroll revealed that the second season of "The Rising of the Shield Hero" would premiere in October 2021.They were otherwise stingy with the details and a release date has yet to be revealed, but the upcoming season is just a few more weeks away.

What is The Rising of the Shield Hero?

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The isekai subgenre sees "real world" protagonists whisked off to a fantastical realm where they can live out the ever ubiquitous dream of being a hero. This story construction has become increasingly popular in anime, with "The Rising of the Shield Hero" joining the ranks in 2019. The first season introduced teenager Naofumi Iwatani, summoned to a parallel world to become a Cardinal Hero, alongside three other men from parallel universes. Each are equipped with legendary equipment. But while his counterparts are given bows, spears and swords, Naofumi receives the sole defensive weapon, a legendary shield. From there, his luck only seems to get worse as he faces betrayal, mockery, and is ultimately shunned by his fellow Heroes. 

So the "The Rising of the Shield Hero" is exactly what the title promises — Naofumi attempts to overcome it all and face off against evil, while regaining the public's trust.

What Makes The Rising of Shield Hero So Controversial?

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The series has a simple enough plot with a premise ripe for excitement, so what's with the backlash? "The Rising of the Shield Hero" made its North American debut 2019, arriving to much fanfare but under the weight of heavy criticism. General audiences and critics alike took issue with the show's depiction of slavery and framing of a false sexual assault accusation.

Spoilers for season 1 of "The Rising of the Shield Hero."

In the first episode of the series, Naofumi is in need of companions to form his party but given he's the lone hero with a defensive weapon, recruitment isn't easy. In fact, only one woman takes pity on him and joins the team. Turns out this was all part of her evil scheme, as she robs him in the middle of the night and frames him for assaulting her. This is how Naofumi becomes the kingdom's pariah. But this harmful narrative of assault accusation isn't rooted in truth: she is believed, accepted, and never scrutinized by anyone, with all harm falling on Naofumi. Worst of all, this fuels his lasting bitterness and leads to the second reason for the show's controversy.

Unable to get anyone to join up with him, Naofumi decides he only has one choice to find himself a companion: purchasing a slave. This way he can't possibly be betrayed again! And to assure this is true, the season is littered with scenes of Naofumi harming the woman he buys by inflicting pain on her via the magical slave seal and threatening to send her back to the slave trade. Ya know, just some light hearted abuse to flavor the fun sword-and-shield adventure! You can see why the sexist power fantasy wasn't always well received...

The Rising of the Shield Hero Cast

Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo and Melty QCrunchyroll

Season 2 of "The Rising of the Shield Hero" sees the cast revising their roles, with main character Naofumi Iwatani voiced by Kairo Ishikawa in the original Japanese and Billy Kametz in the English dub. Raphatalia is voiced by Asami Seto and Erica Mendez, Filo by Rina Hidaka and Brianna Knickerbocker, Ren Amaki by Yoshitsugu Matsouka and Alan Lee, Motoyasu by Makoto Takahasi and Xander Mobus , Itsuki by Yoshitaka Yamaya and Eric Kimerer, Melty Q. by Maaya Uchida and Jackie Lastra and Malty S. by Sarah Emi Brdicutt and Faye Mata.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Director, Writer, and More

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"The Rising of the Shield Hero" is an adaptation of the light novel series from author Aneko Yusagi. Episodes of the anime are penned by Keigo Koyonagi, who's previously written for "Made in Abyss" and "Sirus the Jaeger." Though the first season was directed by Takao Abo, Masato Jinbo ("Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya," "Chaos;Child") will replace him going forward. Other staff members will reprise their roles, including Masahiro Suwa designing characters and Kevin Penki composing the music.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Trailer

Crunchyroll announced the second and third season renewal of "The Rising of the Shield Hero" during the Crunchyroll Expo in 2019. At the same event, they treated fans to a brief first synopsis of what's to come. Here's what we know:

As Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo are getting new companions, they're also encountering a new enemy. Learn more about the huge turtle carrying a town on its back and how the Shield Hero and his team will be fighting along their journey.

How old is Raphtalia s2?

Technically a 10 year old girl, being a demi-human, Raphtalia's body is able to age to that of a young woman as her levels increase. Due to this, she often gets annoyed when Naofumi treats her as his daughter or is oblivious to her feelings; the latter believing she is only focused on getting stronger.

How many episode will rise of shield Hero season 2 have?

The second season ran for 13 episodes. On May 2, 2022, Crunchyroll announced that the second season would begin streaming its English dub on May 4.