Lord of the Rings original book cover

Original Cloth. Condition: Very Good Plus. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good Plus. J.R.R. Tolkien (illustrator). First Edition. 8vo - over 7�" - 9�" tall. The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien. Published by George Allen & Unwin, 1954/54/55 1st UK Edition set with each book in its original dustjacket. The Fellowship of the Ring is a 2nd impression, dated December 1954, less than 6 months after the 1st impression was released. The 2nd impression is significant for the errors introduced when the printers hurriedly reset the type to fill the 2nd order, without the publishers knowledge. Having broken down the original typeset, they reset the type, without offering proofs or even acknowledging it had been reset. Introducing numerous errors to the text, as well as incorporating a few of Tolkien's corrections. Many of the errors have remained in print to this day. The Two Towers is a stated 2nd impression in a 3rd impression dustjacket. This is the correct dustjacket for this book, as it lacks the 1955 date below the publisher on the Title page indicating it is actually the 3rd impression, with the printer omitting the 3rd impression date in the print history on the verso of the title page. The Return of the King is a 1st impression published October 20th, 1955. This copy is the 1st State, as per Hammond & Anderson corrected opinion, lacking the signature mark '4' and not having the slipped type on page 49. Correspondence with Wayne Hammond has indicated he has revised his original definition of the 1st state, from what was described in the Tolkien Bibliography, making this book the first state. The dustjacket for the Return is not the 1st State, having the blurbs on the rear flap. All original maps are present and in Near Fine condition. The Fellowship of the Ring map is the 1st State with a red dot off the coast of Umbar. An extraordinary set of first editions of this classic of fantasy literature. All show considerable tanning and darkening to the dustjackets, while the books remain clean and bright, without foxing and only a slight amount of offsetting from the dustjackets flaps. A previous owners sticker under the front flap of The Fellowship, no other names or writing in any of the books. The original boards are all clean and bright, with shiny gilt on the spines of the last two books with The Fellowship tarnished. The red topstain is quite faded on the Fellowship, while still clear on the Return, dusty on The Two Towers. The dustjackets are uniformly darkened and soiled, with some fading to the red lettering on the spines. The Fellowship is the only one price clipped, also the only one with tape ghosts to the back side where a previous owner reinforced some edges and folds. One small chip to upper rear fold on the Fellowship dustjacket, rubbing and minor loss to the spine and flap folds noted. The Two Towers dustjacket shows some rubbing and minor loss to the flap folds, no other loss noted. The Return dustjacket has slightly more loss to the top and bottom of the spine folds, as well as rubbing and minor loss to the flap fold areas. An early matched set of First Editions of this classic of fantasy literature, with a custom red leather covered slipcase, to protect and house these 'precious' books. Any questions, please feel free to inquire. Digital photo's available, inquire if interested. Other Tolkien books available, include both the UK and US editions, original cloth bindings, custom fine bindings, and Signed/Numbered/Limited Editions. Very Good Plus / Very Good Plus.

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You have the hottest takes on the Hobbit covers, and now you have them for the Lord of the Rings as well!

Chinese – Fake! :'(

Lord of the Rings original book cover
Image via Good eReader

I usually only put ACTUAL covers, but this one snuck up on me. Maybe just because I wanted to believe. It’s simple, elegant, and look at the figures. I don’t care if it’s real, it’s pretty, and I need it. Literally just take my money. Too good to be true.




Lord of the Rings original book cover
Image via Reddit

There’s a lot to like here, and not just because I grew up with this edition of the hobbit. They’re pretty, the style is consistent, and you know I like a set that looks like a set. Still not perfect – the color leeches over time, which might be tonally consistent, but visually it’s weird.




Lord of the Rings original book cover
Image via The Literary Omnivore

These are pretty good. Dark, simple, have elvish and gold. Weird, old school illustrations. I don’t know what the significance of the yellow, red, and blue is, but it’s not objectionable, and we get the ring motif. I like it, but it’s not blowing my mind.




Lord of the Rings original book cover
Image via WorthPoint

These are pretty! I like the illustrations, I like the subtle colors, I like that the set looks consistent, but the illustrations should be different! Like, the same style, but different illustrations. I want unity, but I don’t want it to be boring.




Lord of the Rings original book cover
Image via Tolkien Collector’s Guide

I like the colors, I like the art, I like that it’s retro. That said, it doesn’t have  a lot of character. It’s bland. You have a stupid maybe eagle, it’s all pretty general, and it looks like it was made by an algorithm. Ultimately? Meh.




Lord of the Rings original book cover
Image via Adazing

I like the bright colors, I like the really metal illustration of the horse and the wraiths, but the first one with Gandalf is so bright, there’s just tonal dissonance. The middle one is perfect, because it’s vivid and menacing, but the others feel lopsided.




Lord of the Rings original book cover
Image via Open Culture

This is a mess. I like the first one so much – it’s simple, it’s thematic. We’ve got elvish, fire, rings. The second one is ugly and I don’t know why you’d do that. That green is bad, idk if that’s supposed to be an eagle, and don’t get me started on the third one. Pass.




Lord of the Rings original book cover
Image via Adazing

We’ve got the tricolor look again, but all the pretty art is covered up. I’m pretty sure the tree on the third book is just taken from a hobbit cover. I’m not even that into the movie font. The scale doesn’t play with the eagle. Disappointing.




Lord of the Rings original book cover
Image via Adazing

I have every question. The eagles look like crows. The last one seems to be an army of snakes. The first is just a tree? All that purple doesn’t make any sense. It’s all so dark it looks like none of it is. No tone at all, just a heap of nonsense.




Lord of the Rings original book cover
Image via Nerdalicious 

God I hate what they used to do to fantasy books. I hate it. Gandalf looks like he’s offerning you drugs, the winged hat looks incredibly silly, and I’m horrified that’s an elf with a mullet. The purple’s too bright. An elf with a mullet! Ffs.

How much is an original Lord of the Rings ring?

An 18-carat gold prototype of 'the one ring', the centrepiece of the story, is expected to sell for around $82,000. It was the last of nine prototypes of the ring, which is famously called 'my precious' by deformed hobbit Gollum. The other eight rings are also up for sale for $20,000 each.

Was the original Lord of the Rings one book?

For economic reasons, The Lord of the Rings was published over the course of a year from 29 July 1954 to 20 October 1955 in three volumes titled The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. ... The Lord of the Rings..

Why is The Lord of the Rings split into 6 books?

Why Lord Of The Rings Is 6 Books. According to Tolkien's private letters released to the public in the 1980s, the writer did not envision or create The Lord of the Rings as a three-part saga.

How many editions of Lord of the Rings are there?

"The Lord of the Rings" is usually found in a single volume, or in three volumes: 1) "The Fellowship of the Ring", 2) "The Two Towers", and 3) "The Return of the King". My recommended reading age is 13+ years old, and I recommend reading "The Hobbit" first.