Should soffit and fascia be the same color

The home design industry is ever-changing, with each new year bringing in a flurry of trends to consider for your exterior. Some of these trends haven't been seen before, while others are simply a fresh take on something tried-and-true.

The exterior of your home has a big impact on the pride you get from your home, how guests view your style and your property's value. Homes with high curb appeal are often more valuable than cookie-cutter homes.

If you're ready to give your home's exterior a facelift in 2019, here are 7 stunning ideas for inspiration.

1. Combine a Trio of Complementary Colors for Your Home's Siding

Should soffit and fascia be the same color

There are plenty of beautiful homes designed with a neutral color palette, but chances are the truly memorable homes are the ones that take a chance with color. Far too many homeowners shy away from using color on their exterior, which is a missed opportunity to make a big impression.

This building is the perfect example of not only going with color but really hitting it home with a trio of complementary shades. The combination of blue, red and white is quite patriotic, but this same type of design can be applied to any trio of colors that work together. White siding complements all colors and is a safe choice when working with multiple shades. Blue is also fairly neutral, especially when it's more on the cool side of the spectrum.

Grey and white, coupled with a brighter blue or red, would also look quite attractive without being overwhelmingly colorful. And the use of steel siding means your home will retain it’s beautiful look for years to come.

2. Frame Your Home With Dark Fascia for a Dramatic Effect

Should soffit and fascia be the same color

If your current siding is in good shape and you like the color, don’t worry; there are other ways to breathe fresh life into your exterior, such as updating the soffit. This ivory white brick home has fairly plain walls, but the addition of black aluminum soffit instantly gives it more depth and dimension.

There are no hard rules when it comes to soffit color selection. Your soffit doesn't need to match your siding color nor does it have to be white. Going with black isn't as dramatic as you might expect and it really makes the lines of the house stand out.

Finish the home with matching black doors or garage doors and window trim to help tie it all together, as seen above.

3. Mix Up Your Siding Materials for Texture and Dimension

Should soffit and fascia be the same color

Combining multiple colors, or incorporating different materials of the same color can yield great results. For a true one-of-a-kind look, consider mixing materials as well as color.

This impressive home is primarily brick, with some decorative stonework. All-brick homes can look a bit dated to a homeowner that prefers a modern design.

This homeowner opted to clad two of the second-story gables in different materials in order to give their home a modern update without covering up the classic beauty and substance of brick. One is clad in a sage green shingle, while the other is clad in a dark grey horizontal siding. To tie it all together, they used matching aluminum soffit and fascia throughout.

4. Replace Boring Garage Doors With Something Modern

Should soffit and fascia be the same color

Year after year, garage door replacement comes in at the top of the list for high-ROI home remodel projects. An otherwise stunning home may look drab if the garage door is aged or dingy. This is especially true if your home's driveway and garage are situated at the front of your home and play a strong role in the curb appeal of your property.

Rather than replacing your garage door with something standard and boring, go for a door that is modern and sleek. This home's garages have been outfitted with luxurious doors that are trendier than simple wood or metal options. This style of high-end door pairs particularly well with stone and brick homes as it comes across as updated rather than old-fashioned.

5. Draw Attention to Your Gabled Roof With Decorative Finishes

Should soffit and fascia be the same color

Gable roofs are the most common roof style in the U.S., but they are also exceptionally versatile when it comes to remodeling. Calling attention to the peak of your gabled roofline adds interest and height to your home.

There are a number of ways to change the look of a gabled roof. Shown above is a lattice-print decorative finish that adds style to this home's exterior. These types of accessories, or gable pediments, can easily be added to existing homes with relatively little effort in terms of construction. Using a lighter colored fascia to set off the lines of the gable help decorative paneling stand out even more.

6. Complement Arched Windows With Matching Home Trim and Fascia

Should soffit and fascia be the same color

Arched windows add instant luxury to a home and are now an affordable option for many homeowners. The use of light-colored window trim is ideal for making windows, arched or not, stand out from the walls. This creamy ivory shade complements the green walls and brown shingle roof, creating an earthy feel.

You'll notice the soffit and fascia of the home also match the trim around the windows and small decorative arch. Aluminum soffit and fascia come in a wide range of different colors which allows you to match the existing window or door trim easily.

It’s the small touches on a home that give it a magazine-worthy finish.

7. Use Different Colors of Siding for a Pleasant Contemporary Look

Should soffit and fascia be the same color

This charming home has a wonderful, contemporary appeal to it. Most of the home is clad in horizontal steel siding in a medium shade of blue. A contrasting strip of a very light grey around the top of the walls adds an illusion of height. And the dark blue trim work around the windows and between the horizontal and flat siding helps both these features stand out.

You'll also see that the soffit on this home is wood. Wood soffit may require more maintenance than aluminum, but it does add a bit of warmth to this blue house. Finishing with aluminum fascia will help protect the wood soffit.

The positive momentum from the start of a new year means now is the perfect time to finally take a step towards remodeling your home's exterior. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do to make a big impact on the curb appeal of your property.

Can fascia and soffit be different color?

The soffit and fascia boards typically match, but that is not always the case. Some homeowners choose contrasting colors for visual interest, and others choose slight variations of the same shade. If you're looking to play it safe, matching colors would be the way to go.

Should the soffits match the fascia?

The soffit is always paired with the fascia, which is the exposed board seen on the front of the roof's overhang. Given the proximity of both components, it is practical to have them both painted the same color. In doing so, you create a separation between the roofing system and the walls.

Should gutters match fascia and soffit?

Some people prefer gutters that match their trim or fascia, while others prefer gutters that match their siding. Normally, it's ideal to have your gutters blend in subtly and seamlessly with your home's siding.

What should soffit match?

There are no hard rules when it comes to soffit color selection. Your soffit doesn't need to match your siding color nor does it have to be white. Going with black isn't as dramatic as you might expect and it really makes the lines of the house stand out.