Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

Signs an introvert girl likes you over text
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An introverted girl may be more quiet and maybe even shy, but she’s caught your eye. She’d rather spend the weekend at home curled up in her pjs, watching a good movie, and eating pizza—what’s not to like about her? But how do you know she likes you back? Here are some ways you can tell if an introverted girl likes you.

  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    At first, she may be too shy for direct contact. Maybe you get the feeling that someone’s watching your back, or keep seeing her lower her head the second you look her way. This is her sizing you up without putting herself too far outside her comfort zone.

    • Stay away from teasing when it comes to her staring. Instead, go up to her and start a conversation or compliment her.
    • If you’re feeling bold, you can throw in a flirt to let her know you feel the same way. Try, “You have beautiful eyes. It’s a shame you keep hiding them when I’m around.”

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  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    Chances are her small inner circle knows she’s crushing hard. She may be nervous to tell you right away, but that doesn’t mean her friends don’t know every single detail. Her small friend group means the world to her as they are the people she’s closest with.[1] They may act differently when they’re around you, giggling when you walk back or whispering behind you. They’re not being mean, they’re trying to work out how they can help their friend.

    • Let her friends be your friends. They’ll be able to help you get to know her a bit more, and make her more comfortable around you.
    • One way to know if she likes you is if her friends directly tell you.
    • Ask her friends to bring her over so you can hang out together.

  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    A girl touching her hair is a universal sign of nerves. Maybe whenever you walk by she looks down and tucks her hair behind her ear, or she twists a strand around her finger when you talk to her. She’s nervous around you because she likes you, and playing with her hair helps her shush those inner anxieties.

    • Gently brush her hand away from her hair if you know she won’t mind you touching her. This sweet gesture can help her relax and spark a little romance.
    • Compliment her hair the next time you see her. She’s beautiful inside and out, so don’t be afraid to tell her so!

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  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    You’re not crazy, she is everywhere. If an introverted girl likes you, she may make it a point to hang out at your favorite spots or walk the same route as you. This is her way of getting closer to you, trying to work up the courage to talk to you. She’s pushing herself out of her comfort zone by creating likely chances that she’ll bump into you.[2]

    • Stop in your tracks and say hi! She’s put herself where you are for a reason, so don’t be afraid to reach out and take that first step.

  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    Looking people in the eye isn’t always easy for her. If she is able to keep eye contact with you while you talk, this is a sign that she may like you. She's interested in you, and may be trying extra hard to make sure she follows extroverted social cues like keeping eye contact.[3]

    • Keep eye contact with her to show her you're also interested.
    • When you’re talking to her, imagine she’s the only person in the room. This can help you not get distracted.

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  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    Social interaction isn’t her forte, so she may do a little research. Before taking any more steps toward you, she might look you up online or scroll through your social media profiles. This isn’t her stalking you, but a way for her to learn more about you so she knows what to say when you do talk. For her, information is power. If she’s bringing up things from your Instagram or Facebook posts, she’s most likely into you.[4]

  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    Laughter will come easily to her if she likes you. She’s bound to laugh at all your jokes, witty remarks, and stories even if they’re not that funny. Just being around you will make her smile, so she’ll have no trouble laughing at whatever you say, especially if she’s crushing on you.[5]

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  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    As an introvert, she won’t share details about herself with just anybody. If she tells you about her hobbies, interests, and favorite things with you in depth, she probably likes you.[6] Her interests may be more unique than some, but don’t put them down! She’s expressing a part of herself only those close to her ever get to see.[7]

    • Ask her questions about her hobbies and interests.
    • Take an interest in her hobbies by asking if you can try it with her one day.

  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    There’s a good chance she likes you if she opens up to you. An introverted girl wants more than a give-and-take relationship. She’s looking for someone that gets her, so she’ll test out the waters and open up to you emotionally.[8] Maybe she tells you something she’s never told anyone before, or expresses her feelings and asks if you’ve ever felt that way before. If she reveals something secretive, she’s for sure into you.[9]

    • Listen attentively while she speaks. Introverts don’t open up to just anyone, so cherish the trust she’s giving you.
    • Tell her a little bit about yourself in turn. She wants to peek into your world just as much as you want to peek into hers!

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  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    Phone calls are an introverted girl’s enemy, but she’ll face her fear if she likes you. She will answer any and all of your phone calls—soaring way past her comfort zone just to say “hey.” Don’t let this go unnoticed because it’s her way of telling you she likes you.[10]

    • Now, if she calls you, that’s an even bigger step for her!
    • If she’s spending hours on the phone with you over texting, she’s probably head-over-heels for you!
    • Schedule times with her to call to help her feel more comfortable. This way she’ll have time to prepare and not feel completely derailed by a random call.

  1. Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    An introverted girl will leave the solace of her home if she likes you. She would much rather spend the day at home watching her favorite show than going to a local hangout. But she will do just that if it means getting to be near you. If she pretends to be an extrovert for one night just to try and impress you, she most certainly likes you.[11]

    • Make an effort to thank her for hanging out with you. Don’t let her go unnoticed!
    • Large crowds and too much stimulation can make her feel distracted and unfocused, so bring her to a quiet spot if you notice she’s overwhelmed or more quiet than usual.[12]
    • Ask her what she would like to do next, or what her ideal night looks like. Use this information to surprise her with her ultimate night the next time you hangout.

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    I have an introverted friend who is a girl. I like her because she is the first girl who actually listened and understood me but, I'm not sure if she likes me or not.

    Signs an introvert girl likes you over text

    Amelia Kelly

    Community Answer

    You may find ways that she likes you in so many different ways, pay attention to her body language, and the way she talks to you, and try group perspectives because so many small details about her that you pay attention could secretly be her love language. Introverted girls have a tendency to shy away when they get caught/exposed to their love language. if you notice that she randomly stops the way she acts, assume that something is up and there's a possibility that she likes you. If you come in close contact with her and she touches your hand but she quickly shy's away and pulls her hand back, assume something is up. You never know how a girl feels until you investigate.

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How do you know if an introvert girl likes you over text?

How to Tell if an Introverted Girl Likes You.
1 She watches you when she thinks you're not looking..
2 She giggles with her friends when you're around..
3 She plays with her hair when you're near..
4 She bumps into you in odd places..
5 She keeps eye contact with you..
6 She knows a little more about you than you've told her..

How do you tell if an introverted girl is into you?

6 Ways To Know If An Introverted Woman Is Interested In You.
They look at you and hold eye contact repeatedly. ... .
They touch their hair. ... .
They laugh at everything you say, no matter what it is. ... .
They turn their body toward you — not just their head. ... .
They try to keep the conversation going..

Do introverts like texting?

Texting is still a form of socializing, which depletes introverts. Texting can sometimes be hard for introverts because communicating with other people depletes us, no matter if it's through texting, phone calls, or in-person.

How do you tell if an introvert likes you?

Signs an Introvert Is Interested in Dating You.
We open up to you. ... .
We know just a liiiiitle more about you than we reasonably should. ... .
We're often one of the first people to comment on or “like” your social media posts. ... .
We watch you out of the corner of our eye. ... .
We laugh nervously around you. ... .
We write you a love letter..