What are those boxes that play music called?

A music box works by rotating a metal cylinder with protruding pins that pluck the individual prongs of a steel comb. The sounds that resonate from the vibrating prongs are the notes we hear—lower notes from longer prongs and higher notes from shorter ones. Some more complicated music boxes even contained a small drum or little bells.

Music boxes have been around since the 18th century. Some were the size of a loaf of bread, others as big as a dresser. Back then, music boxes were actually used to enjoy some nice parlor music, unlike the little twirling ballerina box you might find in your grandmother's attic. In the 19th century, Swiss artisan watchmakers continually refined the design. What we have today is the result of hundreds of years of tinkering with gears and bells and pins and steel combs.

The trusty "Engineer Guy" Bill Hammack explains exactly how these little boxes work and discusses a bit of their history in his latest video, which is well worth a watch for both the mechanically and musically minded.

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What are those boxes that play music called?

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Cylinder-Type Musical Box

The inside of the musical box is called the movement.

The picture on the right depicts the basic structure of the cylinder-type movement and it consists of:

Normally made of steel and where sound is being produced.
Strips of protruding metal on the comb is called the teeth.

The revolving part of the movement where the tunes are imprinted on using metal pins.
It is normally made of brass.

Spring Housing
It hosts the mainspring that provides the mechanical power to move the cylinder.

The handle is used to wind the mainspring.

Governor / Air-brake
This is the part that regulates the speed of the revolving cylinder by restricting the speed of the spring release.

This is where all the parts of the movement are being secured to.

Disc-Type Musical Boxes

The picture on the left shows a simplified structure of a disc-type musical box.

The difference lies in the inclusion of the starwheel for the disc-type.

When the disc turns, the protruding pins on the disc would turn the starwheel, which in turn, will strike the teeth of the comb to produce the music.

Earlier version of the disc was made out of zinc. But it was changed to steel later on to increase the strength and durability. It is slightly warped to strengthen the pins.

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Music box mechanisms, otherwise known as movements, produce the beautiful sounds that make music boxes a beloved gift and a household treasure. A metal cylinder or barrel with precisely placed pins rotates away from and then under a steel comb, plucking correctly tuned and placed prongs or tines creating a melody. The comb and barrel are in effect, created for each other and are tune specific. The shorter tines produce high tones while the longer ones produce the low tones. The number of tines on a comb indicates the musical ability of the mechanism.  18 note, 30, 36, 50, 72, 100 or 144 note combs play longer with more embellishment and more melodies. Some of the larger, more complex music boxes play 2 or 3 songs  or have 4 or more interchangeable cylinders playing 4 or 5 tunes.
Some contain drum-like sounds and/or bells.  

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Music box mechanisms have a long and thrilling history. Snuff boxes were fitted with tiny mechanisms to transform them into music boxes as early as the 18th century. Musical boxes differed dramatically since some music boxes were the size of a loaf of bread while others were the size of a dresser.  People of Pre-Radio days enjoyed them as their parlor music. Music boxes today are usually smaller and meant for more personal enjoyment.

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What is the music box thing called?

Polyphon is a disc-playing music box, a mechanical device first manufactured by the Polyphon Musikwerke, located in Leipzig, Germany. Invented in 1870, full-scale production started around 1897 and continued into the early 1900s. ... .

What are the music boxes in bars called?

Remember, the right jukebox can be a good source of extra income for your business, and the wrong one can only take up space in your establishment. The music you play in your bar or restaurant can liven up the mood of your customers and get them dancing as they play their favorite music.

What are the different types of music boxes?

Music Boxes – Automatic Musical Instruments.
Cylinder Music Box. Cylinder music boxes are the most recognized style and became widespread in the 19th century. ... .
Disc Music Box. This variety of music box appeared in the last part of the 19th century. ... .
Reuge Music Box. ... .
Thomas Kinkade Music Box. ... .
Sankyo Seiki Music Box..