What decorations should I buy for a baby shower?

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You're expecting your little one's birth in a couple of months. You have already figured out how to decorate a nursery and now want to throw a fabulous baby shower. Most parents-to-be see this event as an opportunity to gather advice from their friends and for guests to bring some great gifts. If you are holding a party, you'll need to plan and consider a few details. From a decoration perspective, baby showers aren't that challenging. Choosing the overall theme should come naturally, and pre-made decorations are available in most department or dollar stores in the neighborhood. Alternatively, you can showcase your crafting skills and DIY the decor and menu for the celebration.

The amount you spend and the time you put into planning will depend on your ultimate choice. After all, you need to decide on the colors, shapes, and textures. The drinks and snacks shouldn't get neglected, too. Finally, Parents suggest planning a schedule for the event. In short, find ways to entertain your guests by carefully selecting games for all ages. Handmade decorations and unique activities trigger conversation and excitement. These are more meaningful because of the love and effort invested in the creation process. Here are some of the best ways to decorate for a baby shower to help you set the scene for the precious journey ahead.

Pick the theme

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Are you wondering how to start decorating? The best approach to make your baby shower memorable is to throw a theme party. Thankfully, the theme choice for parents-to-be nowadays is endless, whether they expect a boy, girl, or both. Going with a specific color mix is less expensive, unlike choosing a princess or baby animal theme. Opt for a few themed items and use solid complementary tones for the rest. Coordinating colors is essential, too. Babylist highlights baby elephants, bees, succulents, stars, and whales as some of the best baby shower themes.

Alternatively, you can pick a seasonal theme if you find baby-inspired ones predictable or boring. The season in which you're planning the party is the perfect foundation for any event (via Versoma). For instance, choose rainbows, flowers, and raindrops for the spring and marine life and beach-themed decor for summer. Conversely, pumpkins and fall leaves are fit for autumn. The upside of seasonal showers is that they are gender neutral, and you can craft the menu to align with the overall theme.

Welcome guests with a beautiful door

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Once you determine the theme, it's time to coordinate the details. The ideal strategy is to start with the exterior of your place. What better way to welcome guests than with items that symbolize babyhood? A beautiful front entry will set the scene for what's inside. All you need for this tip are diapers, a wreath base, some ribbon and a bow, various toys, and essential tools. Homemade Gifts Made Easy shares detailed instructions on making a lovely door wreath from scratch. The crafting process is super-easy, and you can find most of the materials at home or for a low price at the store.

Glue the ribbon-wrapped diaper rolls after you make a doughnut-shaped circle from cardboard. A bow in the same hue will enhance the look of the wreath. As for toys and trinkets, baby items like booties, rubber duckies, binkies, and pacifiers are ideal for the purpose (via How to Nest for Less). Ultimately, the mother can use the wreath for other purposes, so nothing will get wasted.

Place a standing or stacked baby sign

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The massive baby sign can go anywhere, depending on the overall arrangement of the event. Some moms decide to place it in the yard. Others stack it in the hall or next to the baby-inspired table. Plus, it can get arranged in numerous ways as long as you have the will and inspiration to experiment.

Once you procure or DIY four neutral or brightly-colored boxes (ideally from cardboard), move on to the lettering. You can paint, spray, or glue the letters and then cover them in sprinkles or other artistic elements. Craftibilities uses corrugated scrapbook paper to ease the process and give the interior a festive nursery touch. Similarly, you can choose to stack a baby sign on transparent boxes full of balloons (via A Hosting Home). Depending on the rest of the theme or the baby's gender, you can decorate with balloons in different colors. Elevate the look by adding blooms or toys inside.

Set up a wishing wall or well

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While you may have experience in the world of babies, many baby showers are celebrating new parenthood. Here, we'll follow the example of the mesmerizing "Sleeping Beauty" story. Those who remember the plotline know the fairies wished the baby well and blessed it. You can do the same and allow your guests to make wishes and offer you advice for the new chapter in your life.

One idea you can implement is to glue tiny envelopes on a massive corkboard and lean it against the wall. Each guest then gets the chance to place a blessing or tip for the newborn inside. Or take the advice of Rogue Engineer and make a wishing wall out of a panel with drilled holes for the wishes. Another way to create a focal point in the venue is by installing a wishing well or basket. It would be the perfect spot to gather some critical wisdom and knowledge for the mommy-to-be. Having your guests write words of encouragement on little diapers is a fun spin on simple notes. You can craft a cute wishing well and make your personalized version to fit the rest of the decor (via Basket Lady).

Fasten baby-inspired clotheslines

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What would a baby shower be without some colorful baby clothes? Fortunately, the sky is the limit for your options here. You can choose between a clothesline with onesies, socks, or bibs. Alternatively, use any random baby clothes you might have at home or buy some for a reasonable price. Suppose you find out you are expecting a girl. If you want to surprise your guests, hang adorable girl clothes on the clothesline and wait for their reaction. According to Tulamama, you can create a unique attention-grabbing clothesline in just a few simple steps. Ensure you have a rope or ribbon and some baby clothes that vary by length or weight to balance the look.

An excellent hack is to use numbered month-by-month onesies (via Catch My Party). If you think onesies look too cluttered, go for tiny garments instead. Decorate by hanging socks using actual clothespins as if you were drying them in the backyard on a sunny day. Other ideas include pacifiers or rattles on a ribbon that stretches across the room.

Invest in a balloon garland arch

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Balloons are a baby shower staple, and if you transform them into garland arches, you will give the event an exciting twist. Also, making garlands out of balloons is super easy, and the effect is incredible. Colorful pieces stand for fun and excitement, which you should convey on this occasion. Depending on your likes, use one to adorn a guestroom or pick several to mark off different party sections. Try to combine various colors, sizes, and shapes to achieve a playful yet appealing look.

However, the techniques you can use are endless. Though the project may seem daunting, the result is always rewarding. According to Paisley & Sparrow, you can use an electric balloon inflator, a decorating strip, and command hooks to work like a pro. Glue dots on random balloons or fill them with confetti for an elegant touch. Finally, don't forget to leave out a few loose balloons for kids to play with during the event.

Go wild with baby banners

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No kid's event is complete without colorful banners stretching across rooms. Baby showers are no different. Most banners are paper-based, so make them yourself with a little bit of effort and creativity. If you aren't artistically gifted, head to local stores to purchase some.

How can you make eye-catching and festive banners? First, ditch them if you picked the clothesline idea because your place will look too cluttered. Those who want to avoid hanging actual apparel can go with paper-based party buntings instead. According to Pippa's Long Stockings, you can create a DIY banner with the help of little clothes templates. Ensure you draw them on patterned paper and hand them on a string with tiny wooden pegs to finish the look. A simpler alternative would be to make round shapes with glued letters that convey your message (via Creative Baby Shower Ideas). In addition to letters, consider hanging little footprint-shaped cutouts.

Beautify with a lighted backdrop photoshoot set

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This project requires some time and effort, but it will transform the party area into a fairytale setting. Besides, who doesn't like to take a picture with the mother-to-be? This way, you provide them with the perfect background to have that 'wow moment with you before giving birth. The project requires a veil-like curtain, some inexpensive LED lights, hooks, and strings to complete the setting. Even if you're on a tight budget, this will infuse the place with a delicate, elegant vibe. Start by choosing a suitable corner to create the magical spot. According to 5 Minutes For Mom, you can create a mesmerizing photography backdrop that reminds you of stars or fireflies for a fairy-like setup.

However, your options don't stop here. Multiple photo backdrops will make your baby shower equally stunning. Feel free to let your imagination flow. Adding a few accessories like flowers, paper chains, or colorful plates and cutouts will make the photo booth one of a kind.

Rock out with a diaper cake

Naturally, you'd like your baby shower to have a centerpiece, and what is a better solution for this challenge than a diaper cake? Do it yourself, order it, or tell close friends to bring one as a gift. The decor and props it contains can vary, depending on your preferences.

Building a diaper cake doesn't require previous experience, but it does take some time and creative skills. But first, ensure you have all the materials at hand, such as diapers, ribbon, tape, toys, and clothes. Very Well Family tops their diaper cake with a cute stuffed animal. The Craft Patch offers another straightforward technique for building a baby-themed cake centerpiece. In their designs, they use a lot of different embellishments like paper crafts, succulents, silk flowers, and burlap. Whatever your choice, diaper cakes are a fun and practical choice for your baby shower celebration.

Choose a baby-themed flower centerpiece

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Decorating with the home with flowers and greenery is a must for any celebration, and showers are no exception. A floral arrangement will infuse the place with elegance, serenity, and positive vibes. However, you might want to go with a centerpiece that screams baby love in this scenario. One idea is to arrange flowers in a letter block pot. Use the building block shape for the centerpiece and decorate it with letters, numbers, or symbols that carry a special meaning for you. Or use several flower pots to spell the name of the unborn.

Don't forget to add a pop of color to give the centerpiece a childlike feel. BloomsByTheBox suggests several floral and leafy arrangements that instill personality into the scene. Consider using mercury-gold glass bowls, painted mason jars, or little vases as a foundation for your aesthetically pleasing statement. The best blooms for baby showers include white roses, peonies, daffodils, and hydrangeas (via Martha Stewart). All of them stand for purity, new beginnings, and growth. Pick your flowers wisely if you want your shower to symbolize innocence and grace.

Get creative with baby bottles

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Yes, you've heard that right. You can use various-sized baby bottles to be your predominant decor. Convert them into adorable flower vases and scatter them on tables and sideboards. Use them as cute party favors. Or use them to serve drinks and candies to the guests. Whatever your intention, baby-feeding bottles are an excellent idea for a shower.

The first thought that comes to everyone's mind is to arrange freshly-cut flowers in tiny bouquets for each bottle. Alternatively, use faux blooms if you need to decorate ahead of time. But stems and foliage aren't the only way to fill baby bottles. According to Simply Real Moms, you can make embellish milk or other drinks by adding sprinkles on the rims. There are plenty of amusing ideas to incorporate baby bottles into the overall design. For instance, you can fill them with candies, hot cocoa, or dessert (via B. Lovely Events).

Don't forget the tablescape

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This step requires no previous experience, but choosing complementary colors for your shower is vital. You will want to decorate a dining table with colors that look visually appealing. First, you'll need to imagine the entire table setting in your mind and then start scavenging for the pieces that make it a whole. Remember, the tablescape is a prominent part of your shower, so investing in exceptional decor is worthwhile.

Start by DIYing a tablecloth that matches the rest of the theme. Oh Happy Day crafted a meticulous design by printing out pink felt letters and then ironing them onto the cloth. The choice of wording you want to showcase is all yours but make sure you send a unique message. A less demanding table cover that adds a personal touch to the event is a baby-themed rubber-stamped one. Feel free to let your creativity run wild!

Think candies, cupcakes, and lollipops

No dessert table will greet your beloved friends with kids better than a candy bar. Besides sugaring guests up, sweet tables serve as gorgeous designs at any celebration. Plus, you can experiment with colors, sizes, and textures to get the most out of these sweet delights.

Ensure you have enough tall vases and glass bowls or jars in various shapes and sizes to fit all the candies. Make a bouquet of lollipops to serve as a centerpiece on the table. According to Candy Club, you can create magic out of a few supplies you can find at local stores. The choice of what to include is abundant, but candy apples and favor bags are a must. You can stick with soft colors and decorate with cupcakes in paper flowers (via Marie Avenue). Consider filling the cupcakes with a frosting that reveals the baby's gender when guests take the first bite.

Amuse the guests

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Finally, think of several games for fun or a prize to incorporate into the party. Your picks should involve as many guests as possible, be highly amusing, and cover all ages. Below, we selected some of the most entertaining, all-time favorite games for a baby shower. Our first suggestion is to set up a onesie painting corner where each guest will paint a white bodysuit or bib for the unborn. Living Locurto reckons that blind-folded diapering, pacifier scavenger hunt, and don't say "baby" can be super fun for everyone on board.

There are numerous baby shower games with detailed instructions on playing, including diaper hang, where guests try to hang up as many diapers as possible in a certain amount of time (via Play Party Plan). If you lack inspiration, feel free to borrow some of their ideas, like making a time capsule for the baby or telling dad jokes. Finally, don't forget to distribute thank you notes at the end of the party to show guests how much you appreciate their presence.

What do you buy for a baby shower?

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How do you decorate your house for a baby shower?

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