Whats the rusty key for in rose on a red field?

You'll trigger this quest during the quest Evil's Soft First Touches. When you leave the Garin Estate after talking to Olgierd von Everac (#1), a Wild One named Adela will stop you and tell you that her mate Kluivert is missing and presumed murdered. She'll then ask you to track down and execute his killer. If you agree to do this, then you'll trigger the quest.


The first thing you should do is head to Bowdon (#2), since that was Kluivert's destination when he disappeared. When you get there you'll smell chemicals, and when you follow the scent, you'll end up in one of the huts. Inside the hut, you'll see evidence that Kluivert was cooking Fisstech, and that he had to leave in a hurry through a window.

When you follow Kluivert's tracks outside the window, they'll lead you to the southeast, where you'll find Kluivert's body with a crossbow bolt in its back (#3). If you turn on your witcher senses and search the area, then you'll find evidence of the shooter nearby. When you follow the shooter's tracks, they'll lead you to a bandit camp to the northeast (#4), where you'll find Kluivert's equipment plus a note from the bandit leader Ulrich ordering the attack on Bowdon.

To find Ulrich, you'll need to travel to the main bandit hideout, a cave located to the northwest of Brunwich (#5). Out front, you'll encounter two guards. You'll have three ways of dealing with them: you can kill them, use Axii / delusion on them, or bribe them with 1000 crowns. If you kill the guards, then you'll find a Rusty Key on their corpses, which will allow you to unlock the door leading to the cave. Otherwise, the guards will unlock the door for you.

Inside the cave, you'll meet Ulrich and a few of his men. No matter what you say to them, they'll recognize who you are, and they'll attack you. This can be a tough battle because you'll be fighting over half a dozen men in tight quarters. So try to dodge around and then make good use of Igni or bombs to hit enemies when they're bunched together.

After defeating the bandits, you'll need to travel south to the Alchemy inn in Oxenfurt. You'll meet Adela inside, and when you inform her that Ulrich is dead, you'll complete the quest and earn 200 crowns and 150 xp.

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Go to Bowdon and kill the ghouls (32) who took over the village. Then use your witcher senses in the central part of the village and you should smell a scent that you can follow.

2. Find the source of the strong odor using your Witcher Senses./ Search the hut using your Witcher Senses.

The smell will take you to one of the huts in the village. Examine the device you will find there,...

...and the footprints on the bed.

3. Investigate around the hut for clues about the man who fled out the window.

Near the window you should find plenty of traces you can follow.

The tracks will lead you to the bushes. When you examine them, you'll be able to move on.

Following the traces, you'll reach a corpse lying in the field. Examine it. It's a dead Kluivert who was shot by someone.

Kluivert had indeed been killed. Though much time had passed since the murder, the witcher hoped he could still find enough evidence to establish who was responsible.

4. Look around for signs of the man who shot the bolt using your Witcher Senses.

Find the footprints of the man who shot the bolt near the fence.

5. Follow the shooter's tracks using your Witcher Senses.

Follow the killer's footsteps and they will lead you back to the village where you will find the tracks of the horse he got on.

6. Follow the horses' tracks./ Defeat the knights. / Explore the knights' camp.

Follow the horse's tracks, and you'll eventually reach the Fallen Knights camp. Kill the fallen knights (33) you meet there, and find the Orders to attack Bowdon lying on the wagon.

It turned out Kluivert's death was not the work of common bandits or deserters, but knights of the recently dissolved Order of the Flaming Rose. Geralt realized the brethren who had killed Kluivert were but part of a much larger contingent. To prevent any further such murders and fully avenge Kluivert, he would have to find the knights' leader.

7. Read the document you found in the fallen knights' camp.

Orders to attack Bowdon

I've heard rumors the abandoned village of Bowdon's abandoned no more. A pack of common bandits have moved in and made it into their own little fisstech manufactory.

We cannot allow this. I'm issuing the order to attack the village and exterminate the vermin. We'll make an example, strike some terror in everyone's hearts. Haul any equipment and supplies to our lab northwest of Brunwich. Destroy everything else.

- Ulrich

Read the orders to discover the location of the knights' hideout.

The orders Geralt found on the knights he defeated not only shed light on their activities – they'd given up defending the defenseless and switched to brewing narcotics – but revealed the location of their hideout. Geralt decided to take a short break from monster hunting to pay their Grand Master a courtesy call.

8. Investigate the fallen knights' lab northwest of Brunwich. / Defeat the fallen knights.

There will be two fallen knights (32) outside. To get inside you can kill them ("Don't like your tone. Change it." or "Wanna fight? Fine by me.") and loot a rusty key from the corpse of one of them, use Delusion (2) or pay them 1000 crowns.

Inside you will meet Ulrich (32), who no matter what you say will recognize you as Jacques de Aldersberg's killer and will order to kill you. You will have to kill him and about ten other fallen knights (32).

The witcher and the Grand Master did not take a liking to each other. After a short talk about the Order's past and mission, they moved on to armed combat. This fight could clearly have only one outcome – Ulrich met the same fate as his infamous predecessor, Jacques de Aldersberg.

9. Go to the woman who hired you to collect your reward.

Go back to Adela. You'll find her at The Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt. You'll get 200 crowns from her.

With this Geralt of Rivia, alias "Puss Peepers," avenged Kluivert and completed the task allotted him. He collected his promised reward and set off on his Path.