Where does Book of the month ship from

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  • Book of the Month sends you a new hardcover book each month for $16.
  • It's one of our all-time favorite subscription boxes. Browse Book of the Month's top books here.
  • Get your first book for $10 with the code "COZY" at checkout.

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Whether you love hardcover books or are just in charge of buying a gift for the bookworm in your life, we recommend Book of the Month, a book subscription service that lets you pick one of five expert-selected books to be sent to your home each month.

Where does Book of the month ship from

Gift a Book of the Month membership

In our experience, Book of the Month is one of the best subscriptions we've tried. The book selections are compelling and contemporary, BOTM does all the research and vetting, and the price — $15.99 for a shipped hardcover book — is often cheaper than buying the same book in-store. 

Keep reading to learn more about how Book of the Month works, its subscription options, and the types of books offered:

What it's like to use Book of the Month:

Book of the Month; Alyssa Powell/Insider

Each month, Book of the Month's judges choose five new, recently published books, and you get a message prompting you to pick the book you want to be mailed to your home. If none of the books speak to you, or you just want a break, you can also skip that month.

If you want more than one book in a month (say, you're giving someone a gift this month or heading on a trip), you can also add books to your order and can choose from the current month's selections or past picks. 

The best part is you can do everything on the Book of the Month app: In 2015, the company relaunched in an effort to cater to a more digital audience. On it, you can find new monthly book selections and manage your membership, including picking a book, skipping the month, and participating in a reading challenge.

How much Book of the Month costs:

You can pay by month or gift a three-month, six-month, or 12-month subscription. (All of the memberships automatically renew, but you can cancel yours anytime). The first month's book is $9.99 with the code "COZY" at checkout — after that, you pay $15.99 per month, with no additional shipping costs.

If you forget to skip a month and don't choose a book, your payment will be saved as credit for the next month. And if you're not intrigued by the month's book recommendations, you can also pick from past selections.

What kinds of books you can expect to find on Book of the Month:

Book of the Month's 2021 nominees for Book of the Year. Amazon; Bookshop; Alyssa Powell/Insider

Book of the Month has a great, 95-year-long track record for picking bestsellers before they're popular. The company was founded in 1926 and has a long history of helping avid readers find the best books of their time before they're widely known. In its earlier years, it selected now-classics such as "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway, "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell, and "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger.

To find its five monthly picks, BOTM sifts through thousands of books sent by publishers to find the best ones. In the past, it's also involved celebrity guest judges who are passionate about books, such as Anthony Bourdain and Arianna Huffington, to help make selections.

Book of the Month also makes it easy to narrow your search: You can filter by theme (like historical fiction or legal thriller) as well as browse its top books of all time and members' most popular reads in one place. 

You can filter books on Book of the Month by genres and themes. Book of the Month

And if you still feel overwhelmed by the abundance of choice, BOTM readers vote on their favorite books of the year, which become finalists for its Book of the Year award. You can find the 2021 Book of the Month finalists here as well as shop past finalists and winners here. 

The bottom line:

If you're thinking of trying out Book of the Month, we say go for it — $10 for your first hardcover is worth it if you like the selection, and a book subscription box makes a great gift if you're thinking of getting it for someone else.

Plus, we think receiving a beautiful hardcover in the mail regularly actually made us more engaged readers. It's hard not to crack it open when it's right in front of you, and hard not to keep going when the next great read is around the corner. 

If you're looking for reading suggestions when you sign up, we credit Book of the Month with turning us on to a slew of propulsive page-turners like "Circe," " The Heart's Invisible Furies," "The Woman in the Window," "The Four Winds," and "Normal People" among them. 

Check out Book of the Month's best new books here.

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How long does it take for Book Of The Month to arrive?

Your BOTM box usually takes 5-7 business days once you've selected your books and placed the order. Once its been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number! Keep in mind, shipping can take up to 15 days to states like California and Hawaii.

Is Book Of The Month only in us?

Book of the Month (founded 1926) is a United States subscription-based e-commerce service that offers a selection of five to seven new hardcover books each month to its members.

Is Book Of The Month available worldwide?

Book of the month offers books early and with their logo on the front so it makes it extra special. Unfortunately they do not offer shipping outside the United States which leaves their international customers no option to purchase from them.

Does Book Of The Month ship to the UK?

So, if you want to order from Book Of The Month or any other American company, simply have the packages shipped to the address given to you by MyUS.com. Your orders will be received by MyUS, who will then consolidate multiple orders into one large delivery for you. When you're ready, they'll ship it out to Uk.