Who is momentum RV made by?

If you’ve wondered about how to buy an RV or perhaps even started the process of RV shopping, Grand Design RV is one option you might consider. The company is known for above-average build quality and strong after-sales service, and many Grand Design RV reviews reflect these qualities.

In this article, we’ll examine Grand Design’s product line, explore its build quality, and see what Grand Design RV reviews from customers tell us about the company and its reputation. Overall, it has a reputation for being one of the best RV brands to choose from.

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Who is momentum RV made by?

Who is momentum RV made by?

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Our Take On Grand Design RVs: 4.5 Stars

Based on our in-depth research and analysis of several more affordable leading RV brands, we give Grand Design 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. The company offers a nice variety of travel trailers and fifth wheels with reliable construction, and most customers are happy with their Grand Design RVs.

Read on to learn more, starting with a list of Grand Design RV pros and cons.

Pros Good after-sales service and online community 300-plus-point pre-delivery inspection Above-average reviews on RVInsider.com A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Cons Not as affordable as some competitors No motorhomes in lineup

About Grand Design

Founded in 2012 by former senior leaders with Keystone RV, Grand Design RV makes building lasting relationships and personal connections with customers its core focus. This strategy helps the Middlebury, Indiana, company serve customers better in both the shopping and after-sales experiences.

Grand Design carries an A+ rating on the BBB website and has an average of 3.9 out of 5.0 stars from Grand Design RV reviews on RVInsider.com.

Does Winnebago Own Grand Design?

Winnebago bought Grand Design in 2016 after noticing its fast growth in the RV industry. Today, Grand Design is a subsidiary of Winnebago, but Winnebago has allowed Grand Design to operate as an independent manufacturer and continue growing its brand.

Grand Design Product Line

Grand Design creates midrange to premium RVs. That means you can find travel trailers, 5th wheels, and toy haulers from the company, but not motorhomes like Class A RVs, Class B RVs, or Class C RVs.

Below is a basic overview of Grand Design’s 2022 product offering, as made available by the RV retailer. Some models come in dealer-only floor plans available at specific locations.

Product Name and TypeNumber of Floor PlansUnloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) RangeDescriptionTranscend Xplor Travel Trailer124,796 to 7,738 lb.Mid-tier lightweight trailer with wood frame and aluminum skin, 24 to 36 ft.Imagine Travel Trailer95,725 to 8,496 lb.Mid-tier lightweight trailer with aluminum frame and laminated Luan wall construction, 28 to 36 ft.Imagine XLS Travel Trailer64,674 to 5,597 lb.Lighter than standard Imagine, laminated construction, 21 to 28 ft.Reflection Travel Trailer38,238 to 9,443 lb.Upscale trailer with laminated construction, 33 to 37 ft.Reflection Fifth Wheel89,198 to 12,552 lb.Upscale fifth wheel with laminated construction, 32 to 49 ft.Reflection 150 Series Fifth Wheel67,204 to 8,955 lb.Upscale fifth wheel with laminated construction, lighter than standard Reflection, 26 to 32 ft.Solitude Fifth Wheel1112,100 to 14,866 lb.Luxury fifth wheel with laminated construction and high-end finishing, largest living space in lineup, 32 to 41 ft.Solitude S-Class Fifth Wheel611,442 to 14,054 lb.More affordable version of Solitude in terms of finishes and appliances, 34 to 40 ft.Grand Design Momentum Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler315,600 to 15,900 lb.Large, luxury triple-axle fifth wheel with laminated construction and garage for toys, 41 to 44 ft.Momentum M-Class Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler513,600 to 15,600 lb.Slightly smaller and lighter version of Momentum, double axle, 38 to 43 ft.Momentum G-Class Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler212,400 to 12,950 lb.Even lighter version of Momentum, double axle, 36 to 39 ft.Momentum G-Class Travel Trailer Toy Hauler76,400 to 8,975 lb.Smaller, laminated travel trailer version of Momentum, 26 to 35 ft.

Grand Design Cost

New Grand Design RVs range from about $30,000 MSRP to $160,000 and above, depending on features. Transcend Xplor and Imagine trailers are on the more affordable end, while Solitude and Reflection fifth wheels start at around $75,000 MSRP. Of course, you can save several thousand dollars by buying used.

Grand Design RV Build Quality

Generally speaking, Grand Design tends to have a better reputation for build quality than other RV manufacturers. According to our research, Grand Design offers better-than-average build quality on its RVs.

Grand Design sells a few “stick and tin” trailers with an aluminum shell over a wood frame, but most products feature laminated construction. For these, Grand Design uses an aluminum frame with rigid foam insulation and a Luan board laminated to a fiberglass skin.

There’s a big debate in the RV industry about Luan versus Azdel. Luan is rigid plywood made from trees, while Azdel is a manufactured material. If installed correctly, Luan laminated walls last as long as Azdel and offer better strength. Grand Design sources only the best Luan for its RVs.

Grand Design Pre-Delivery Inspection

Grand Design’s pre-delivery inspection sets the RV company apart from many of its competitors. Before Grand Design ships an RV, a separate team inspects the RV on over 300 items, in addition to more minor inspections at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Because of this system, Grand Design’s team can catch any issues before sending the RV off to the dealer. RV dealers and customers typically find fewer issues with new Grand Design products than with some other brands on the market.

Grand Design GDR4Life And Owners’ Forum

No matter the product or brand, you’ll run into occasional issues when owning an RV. Grand Design doesn’t pretend to make a perfect product. Instead, the company offers a knowledge base at GDRV4Life.GrandDesignRV.com, where you can find lots of information on troubleshooting all systems of its RVs. The website also has instructions on towing, leveling, and how to get warranty service.

Another site, GDRVOwners.com, offers a technical forum with thousands of posts. Both newcomers and experts come together to share information on everything from electrical systems to HVAC maintenance, and these resources make handling repairs less of a hassle.

Grand Design RV Reviews

Grand Design has closed 60 customer complaints on the BBB website in the past three years. This number is small compared to other companies in the industry. Grand Design RV reviews on RVInsider.com give the company 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. Here’s what one reviewer said about the Grand Design Reflection:

“This is the third fifth wheel and fifth RV we have owned, and clearly the best. The overall quality is top-notch. So many features that are better than our previous unit. … I highly recommend this brand and manufacturer.”
– George W. via RVInsider

Below, you’ll see how a few popular models fare according to Grand Design RV reviews on RVInsider.com. We’ll also note issues Grand Design RV owners have reported. Keep in mind that the majority of Grand Design RV customers have positive experiences. Our analysis didn’t find any type of issue that was reported much more often than others.

Grand Design Reflection Fifth Wheel

The Reflection Fifth Wheel is one of Grand Design RV’s most popular models. Over 250 Grand Design RV reviews on RVInsider rate the line with an average of 3.9 stars out of 5.0, indicating most customers have positive experiences. That said, some have had problems.

One reviewer who owned the Reflection for four years says they replaced the water pump and fireplace three times each, replaced the kitchen faucet, and replaced the bathroom faucet, among other repairs.

Another reviewer says they had problems with the awning and slideouts and that the RV was in service for six months without the issue being fixed.

Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer

The Grand Design Imagine travel trailer line has a 4.0-star rating out of 5.0  from reviewers on RVInsider. This is Grand Design’s mid-tier laminated trailer, and most customers appreciate the build quality and living area layout. Some potential concerns with this model include:

  • Trim pieces falling off
  • Electrical system problems
  • Potentially needing weeks to fix issues at a dealership
  • Plumbing hookup issues

Grand Design Imagine XLS Travel Trailer

The Imagine XLS line is slightly smaller and lighter than the standard Imagine line, and it has a 4.0-star rating out of 5.0 on RVInsider based on just a few Grand Design RV reviews. Although it’s a relatively new model, most customers seem to enjoy it. Some Imagine XLS owners have experienced issues with the hot water system not heating correctly and the interior wall finishing peeling up after months of use.

Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel

Designed for full-time RV living and RV enthusiasts, the Grand Design Solitude line has a 4.1-star average rating out of 5.0 from RVInsider reviewers. One reviewer calls the Solitude a

“very spacious and well-built coach [with] probably the most interior room we have ever seen.”

Other reviewers have mentioned quality-control issues such as trim installation mistakes or extra holes in the interior. At least one owner noted problems with the water heater.

Grand Design Warranty

Grand Design offers two warranties for new RVs: the Base Limited Warranty and the Limited Structural Warranty.

  • Base Limited Warranty: This one-year warranty covers the entire RV against factory defects in materials and quality. It’s transferable to secondary owners.
  • Limited Structural Warranty: This three-year plan covers important structural components against defects in materials and quality. It can’t be transferred to secondary owners.

Both of these warranties only provide coverage for issues resulting from everyday RV use: traveling and camping. Damage from misuse, commercial use, or lack of maintenance isn’t covered.

Also, the Grand Design warranties are only for factory-made components. Components and appliances made by other companies are excluded, but they may be covered under warranties from their respective manufacturers.

While the one- and three-year Grand Design warranties might seem short compared to auto warranties, they are better than many other RV warranties on the market. Some RV manufacturers don’t offer warranties that transfer to secondary owners, and others don’t offer plans that extend beyond one year.

Should You Get A Grand Design RV?

Based on our extensive research, we consider Grand Design a solid choice for a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or toy hauler. If you have realistic expectations of build quality and customer support, you can have a terrific RVing experience with a Grand Design.

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Who is momentum RV made by?

Who is momentum RV made by?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grand Design a quality RV?

Generally speaking, Grand Design RVs are of high quality. The company employs a 300-point inspection process before delivery, and the vast majority of customers indicate having good experiences. However, no RV is perfect, so you should expect issues on occasion.

Does Grand Design make good travel trailers?

Grand Design focuses on travel trailers and fifth wheels. The company’s travel trailers have a reputation for good build quality, with fewer problems than other brands in the RV industry.

What is the most reliable RV brand?

A variety of reliable RV brands are available for different types and price points. Airstream, Entegra, Grand Design, and Newmar are all reliable companies that score well with customers on RVInsider.

What are the worst RV brands?

You can have a bad experience with almost any RV brand, but some brands have a higher number of negative reviews than others. These include Jayco, Hurricane, and Keystone. However, plenty of RV owners love those brands, too.

Who makes Grand Design RVs?

Grand Design manufactures its RVs. Winnebago owns the company, but Grand Design operates as an independent manufacturer.

Who makes Imagine campers?

Grand Design makes the Imagine line of campers. The two main models are the Imagine and the Imagine XLS. Both are mid-tier travel trailers, but the XLS is lighter than the standard Imagine.

Who makes momentum RV?

With seven available floor plans, the Momentum from Grand Design creates an extraordinary fifth wheel floor experience that revolutionizes the way we think about toy haulers.

What is the difference between the G

What's the Difference Between the Momentum, Momentum G-Class, and Momentum M-Class? The biggest differences between the different classes are weight and finishes. The Momentum and Momentum M-Class are the top-of-the-line toy haulers with residential finishes. They also weigh the most.

How long is Grand Design Momentum?

Momentum 349M.

What is the momentum G

The Grand Design Momentum G-Class toy hauler fifth wheels and toy hauler travel trailers are a lighter series without sacrificing Momentum's ceiling and slide out heights or wide-body platform. Both offer a fuel station with an interior and exterior gauge to keep the fun going wherever you take your toys.