Who is the young detective in Gattaca

Nonostante il visibile sfoggio e l�ambientazione futuristica, questa non è altro che la vecchia storia stereotipata e melodrammatica della lotta dell�uomo socialmente inferiore che non accetta il suo destino: vivere in un mondo cinico in cui gente come lui viene costantemente schiacciata da uomini più ricchi.

Niccol also wrote the script of The Truman Show (1998)

Simone (2002) is a sci-fi movie.

Lord of War (2005)

In Time (2011) is another sci-fi movie, set in a distant future (but one in which people still don't have mobile phones and security cameras are a rarity and people still watch the news on television). It is a thriller that borrows from Bonnie and Clyde and from the legend of "Robin Hood". but it is also a socio-philosophical essay: what would happen if everybody became immortal, or just lived a very long life?

Vincent is the main character in this movie. We follow him through the start of his life to when he leaves Earth for an exploratory space mission. Vincent was a ‘faith born’ child, meaning that he was conceived with no genetic modifications or ‘improvements’. As such, he was born with genes that were not ideal and included a high chance of heart problems. Due to his genetic ‘impurities’, Vincent’s dad changed his mind about naming him after himself as he saw Vincent as not being worthy of his name, Anton. While Vincent was growing up he was continually overshadowed by his younger brother, Anton (Jnr), who was chosen genetically by his parents to be the best they could afford. Anton is better than Vincent at everything (physically anyway) and Vincent is seen as a let down to the family. When growing up, there was a sibling rivalry between the two brothers, but it was not the standard rivalry. The whole family ‘knew’ the Anton was better and acted accordingly, but Vincent never gave up trying anyway. Although he was always beaten in everything that they did, Vincent continued to try and didn’t despair. He just kept on working at becoming the best that he could be.

This determination continued through his life. He already from a young age had a great interest in space and the solar system, and he spent his life working towards being able to get into Gattaca and ultimately go into space. He studied hard and also worked hard to be physically fit. But even all this was not enough, as even though he was qualified and had all the required knowledge, he was not able to get a job at Gattaca. His genes were not good enough. Even though his dream seemed to be crushed, Vincent still did not give up. He eventually took on the identity of Jerome, a valid who ha ideal genes for the job. So all throughout the movie, we see how determined Vincent is to reach his goal and achieve his dreams.

As for his physical description, he is reasonably short, with dark hair and has eye problems for which he wears glasses. He also has a heart defect in his genes.


Irene is blonde, neat and cold. She is ambitious, but is also disappointed that she will not be able to go on the space missions as she also has a heart condition. We see this when she is given the task of helping the investigator. She sees this as being a mundane task that is below her capability and she wishes to do something more. She does not show her emotion and fits well into the idea that workers can become like robots. While she is very secretive and does not like sharing personal information, she eventually opens up to Vincent by giving him one of her hairs, allowing him to know who she is. (As people are judged by their genes). Vincent though, lets the hair fall.

I get the feeling that she is a bit suspicious of who ‘Jerome” is during the film, but maybe out of respect for ‘Jerome’s’ privacy she does not ask.

Irene is a ‘valid’ but she still has a minor heart condition which is the reason for which she is not able to go on the missions into space. Because of this defect she gets the idea that ‘Jerome’ could never like her. However, we see that he actually is attracted to her and doesn’t care about the defects, as is shown when he lets the hair blow away. She is a perfectionist and does not want the fact that she herself has a ‘defect’ publicly known. This is part of the cause for her secretiveness.

Anton (Snr)

Vincent’s dad is proud and doesn’t want his name to be ‘defiled’ by an unworthy son. As such he also favours his ‘worthy’ son and mistreats Vincent. He doesn’t mistreat Vincent it the fact that he is mean to him, but that he is rejected and scorned. Not being worthy of his attention or love. I think that Anton is also quite stern and serious, and also very set in his ideas and the way he wants things. He also seems to be overbearing in getting what he wants. He makes sure that he is in charge of the family and that his wife knows it. He wants to make all the decisions.

Jerome Eugene Morrow

Jerome was a valid who had genes that could be considered as being optimum. There were no defects and as such could get almost any job that he wanted. He was a former swimming star, but when he came second in a high profile competition, he thought that he had failed at life and attempted to commit suicide by jumping in front of a car. He didn’t die but was now paralyzed from the waist down. As this happened out in the country somewhere, no one knew about his new disability, and Jerome was happy to keep his failure secret. He distanced himself from society and lived as a hermit where he could quietly be disappointed with himself.

So as Jerome had ‘perfect’ genes and had given up on his own life, he was the perfect person for Vincent to ‘become’. He didn’t want to use his life and as such was happy for Vincent to able to use it. Even though Jerome now had a purpose for his life in helping Vincent become him, he was still depressed about his failure and eventually did kill himself at the end of the movie.

Jerome was similar to Vincent in his basic appearance. He was of a similar age and also had dark  hair. While they looked similar, Jerome was a fair bit taller, and they both looked very different from each other. But as Jerome had been hiding from society, no one had seen him in a while and Vincent could be made to look enough like him to pass.

Who is the detective in Gattaca?

Gattaca (1997) - Alan Arkin as Detective Hugo - IMDb.

Is the detective in Gattaca Vincent's brother?

Anton Freeman is Vincent's brother. He was conceived using genetic selection, unlike his brother. However, instead of becoming an astronaut, Anton becomes a detective, and works on the case which comes close to exposing his brother as an impostor.

What ultimately happened to Anton in Gattaca Why?

As the two swim out at night, Vincent's stamina surprises Anton, and Vincent reveals that he won by not saving energy for the swim back. Anton turns back and begins to drown, but Vincent rescues him again and swims them both back to shore, proving to Anton that his status does not define him.

What happens to Anton at the end of Gattaca?

Anton, after hearing Vincent's response begins to swim back, but just like the last time they played this game, he has nothing left and begins to drown.