Can you leave blue shampoo on too long?

That’s because blue shampoo can rescue you with a color tone down. It can neutralize unwanted brassiness that has snuck up on you.

For sure this pigmented wonder flies under the radar compared to its purple cousin.

Which is why this article is for you if you want to give this color corrector a try on your brown mane but aren’t exactly sure how to use it.

This assumes of course that you’ve worked through the whole blue vs purple shampoo thing. If not, our recent article investigates the differences and can bring you up to speed in a flash.

Just click the link to read it on this site.

Otherwise you ready to embrace the world of blue shampoo?

Can you leave blue shampoo on too long?

In that case we’ve got answers and a nifty video that all but guarantees brunettes can whip their color back into shape in no time.

Leaving you with perfectly toned hair that gets attention for all the right reasons.

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  • What Is Blue Shampoo Used For?
  • VIDEO: How To Use It On Dry Brown Hair That’s Brassy
  • Related Questions About Toning Brassy Brunette Hair

What Is Blue Shampoo Primarily Used For?

Blue shampoo has two purposes. That is to get rid of warm brassy orange undertones in highlighted brunette hair or brown locks that have been lightened. The blue pigments cool down your color. Restoring the richer, bolder, ashy brown shades you had when you left the salon.

This shampoo can be a total game changer for brunettes who have gone for a lighter ombre, balayage or multi-dimensional highlights. It gives you a way to brighten, refresh and keep your smoldering brunette color ashy at home.

In other words unleashing blue pigmented goodness is a great DIY way to bust the brassy tones you’re battling in your brown hair.

How To Use It On Dry Brown Hair That’s Brassy

Dry hair?


Yes. Some prefer to apply their blue shampoo to dry hair. It sounds crazy I know. Maybe even a little reckless.

But the results speak for themselves as this tips-laden video shows. Among other things it reveals:

9 Things To Never Do With Blue Shampoo If You Want Great Color

As you’ll see from the video you can get some amazing results when it comes to brass with blue shampoo. That is as long as you never do the wrong things.

#1 Never Fear Application To Dry Hair

The instructions say to apply to wet hair. And you’re free to do that. But in this case she applies the product to dry hair cause dry works better than wet with her thick locks.

Can’t promise the same for you. But I’ve seen lots of people online doing this and loving the results. Because it so completely banishes the unwanted nasty orange.

In this case she lays it on thick using a coloring brush. With an emphasis on making sure you get thorough, even saturation.

If you’re still unsure a recent article of mine explored more about using pigmented purple shampoos on dry hair. Yeah, it’s purple. But the principles with blue are the same. I suspect you’ll find it helpful should you wish to give dry a try.

#2 Never Apply Blue Shampoo Without Gloves

Blue is notorious for staining skin and nails. Be sure to wash off any that lands on your skin with plenty of soap and water to minimize residual staining. And regret.

Tip: Along with wearing gloves I’d suggest wearing a top you don’t care for as the blue might stain. Plus doing this in the shower isn’t a bad idea either. It can get messy.

Again if there are any splatters on anything be sure to wash it off right away. Before the stain has a chance to set.

#3 Never Use Too Often

How often do you use this is a commonsense question to ask.

The most common answer is once a week. Maybe twice at most to maintain keep the coolness of your shade.

Reason for being careful is some say it’s hard on your hair as it can be drying. Which is why following up with deep conditioning, a moisturizing mask or an oil treatment is advised too.

Still frequency varies from head to head. About the only thing I can say with certainty is you likely don’t want to use this daily.

#4 Never Go Crazy On Your Ends

Tip: Avoid the ends if possible.

As you know they’re already the most damaged part of your strands. Since your ends are more porous you need to apply less to them to get the results. Cause they’re gonna suck up the pigment.

#5 Never Leave It On Too Long

Not unlike how often you should use this, the reports of how long actual users leave this on their hair for toning brown hair varies all over the map.

Some go with 3-5 minutes which is likely what the label says and get good results.

Others swear it takes 15-20 minutes to work for them.

There are those who leave it be for half an hour to deal with stubborn brassy brunette hair.

Then there are those desperate souls who go for broke and leave it on an hour or longer.

Clearly, there is no one right answer here. So no one can say how long is best for your hair.

What I can say is I’d start with less and go longer if needed. You want to find the least amount of time required to do the job.

You can also test the frequency. Again starting maybe once a week and adjusting more or less frequently depending on your results.

How long may also depend on how thick your hair is.

Tip: If you’re into ombre focusing this only on the portion of your strands that are lightened and turning brassy is a smart way to use this.

Then too while some see a difference in one washing you should expect to see results in no more than two to three applications.

Can you leave blue shampoo on too long?

#6 Never Doddle

The point here is get to it!

If you have longer hair and have to divide it get to the second half ASAP. Otherwise you risk what hair you worked on first being more toned than the rest.

#7 Never Forget To Check Your Work

You want things to be totally saturated. Since you started with dry hair you can tell you did a thorough job if your hair feels really really wet.

#8 Never Skip The Moisturizing Conditioner Step

As mentioned, blue shampoo can be drying. So it’s smart to immediately after rinsing to deep condition or apply a moisturizing mask.

#9 Never Panic If You’re Seeing Blue

Blue tinted hair isn’t the desired outcome. But you shouldn’t panic if that’s what you end up with. Cause there’s a hack for that!

The hack? Do a quick reset. That is use clarifying shampoo to wipe the slate clean. Doing so should remove all blue tints in your hair.

Now if the tint is barely noticeable I wouldn’t get too excited.

Nor would I do the reset.

The bluishness is will go away in a couple two three normal shampoo washes.

Besides it’s doubtful anyone will even notice.

Oh and bonus points awarded if your clarifier is gentle. Even more if it’s affordable.

Here’s the highly rated one she recommended that is both: Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo.

But do me a favor please?

Do keep your expectations in check.

Remembering that every person’s hair and scalp is different and will react differently even to a clarifying shampoo. Which is to say there’s a chance any clarifying shampoo can be somewhat drying. Even one that says it’s gentle.

The Verdict
Okay so when done she has what can only be described as a big night and day difference that has to be seen to be believed. Going from hair that was little tragic to a color that was totally cooled down.

It’s brighter. More vivid. In word – gorgeous. And brass free.

Can you leave blue shampoo on too long?

Yeah these may have already been answered above. But I wanted to leave no doubts in your mind about the more common concerns some have about using this on their hair.

How Often Do You Use Blue Shampoo For Toning Brown Hair?

The obvious answer again is only as often as needed because it can be drying.

But a better answer to the how often to use this stuff question depends on your hair.

For some their stylist may recommended once or twice a month.

Others may be directed to using it that often each week.

Others still may only need to crack open the bottle once a month or as needed.

Otherwise it really depends on several other factors.

Is the regular shampoo you use (sulfate free?) and how often do you lather up? Knowing that the more frequently you subject your color to shampoo the faster it will fade exposing the warm undertones.

Do you cover up to minimize your hair’s exposure to UV rays from the sun ?

How much hot styling you do?

Are you washing with well water with high iron content?

Is Blue Shampoo Bad For Your Hair?

I don’t count being tinted blue as damage. I’d say the closest to damage is as mentioned several times already. It can be drying for some.

Does that make it bad for your hair?

Guess it depends on how badly you want to knock out the brassy tones.

This is why you want to only use it as often as it takes. You know to clean up the color in your lightened or highlighted brunette hair?

What Happens If You Leave Blue Shampoo On Too Long?

If you get too enthusiastic you can end up with hair that is too ashy or even has a blue-ish tint to it.

Don’t worry. With less severe cases will usually wash out in a couple two three washings. If not take some clarifying shampoo to it for a great color reset.

This is why if Blue Smurf isn’t the look you’re going for you’ll want to start out slow. Follow the directions on the bottle and limit the time you leave it on your hair.

Happy with the results or not?

If not go longer as necessary until you find the sweet spot of time on hair that brightens without bluing.

What Does Blue Shampoo Do To Your Hair?

When it comes down to what blue shampoo does it’s simple. The blue pigment neutralizes orange under tones . That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s real life color theory put into practice.

In addition it brightens the color. Living up to its purpose of giving a nice refresh to a mane that may have gone dull and dingy looking

What Does Blue Shampoo Do To Blonde Hair?

Keeping the color wheel in mind blue shampoo likely won’t help with blonde hair.

Blue-fied hair cools off orange tones. Blonde hair typically goes yellow when the brass strikes. Blue pigments won’t do much for that. To fix a brassy blonde mane you want to go purple.

Can you leave blue shampoo on too long?

If you want more practical ideas like these brass killers for when you color goes warm don’t forget to follow our hair color board on Pinterest.

How long can you leave blue shampoo in your hair?

Don't use it every time you wash your hair, as the pigment can be quite drying. Although it comes out bright blue/violet don't be afraid of how long you leave it on for. We recommend 2-6 minutes, depending on how much ash you would like to deposit.

What happens if you use too much blue shampoo?

Using too much blue shampoo too often can leave you with a darker shade than you desire. One way to avoid over-use is to alternate blue shampoo with your regular go-to shampoo. The blue pigment in blue shampoo can be a powerful surface toner.

What happens if I leave in purple shampoo for 2 hours?

A purple shampoo will not dye your hair but if you leave it on for too long you could find yourself with a little lilac staining. It's easy enough to get rid of – just wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to reduce the tint!

What happens if I leave purple shampoo in my hair for 30 minutes?

Zoe's answer: Leaving purple shampoo in your hair for longer than the recommended time is not always a good idea. The longer you leave it, the more pigments will be deposited on your hair and they could even stain it permanently.