Crush graphic novel read online free

If you can't wait until September for Enemies, you're in luck... You will be able to pick up the first chapter of Enemies for free on April 13th as part of Free Comic Book Day! Not all comic shops get all the comics, so be sure to let your local comic shop know that you'd like them to have Enemies on hand that day!

The next book in the Berrybrook Middle School series has been announced as Enemies! The star of Enemies is Felicity, who was first introduced in Awkward. A member of the art club, Felicity has big dreams, but her little sister Letty teases her that she never finishes anything she starts. To prove Letty wrong, Felicity enters a contest, but when things go in an unexpected direction, Felicity starts to wonder if her friends are turning against her. The book is scheduled to be released in September 2022.
Read more about it at Publishers Weekly!

JY has been publishing The Town Tour, a Berrybrook Middle School Halloween Special, on their Instagram account with a new part every day through Halloween! After Awkward, many people wanted to know what happened to Maribella. That question was answered in a story in Diary that is also available as an e-book. In The Town Tour, Maribella's story continues as she gets a tour of her new town from some friends, but all is not quite as it appears to be! (Readers of The Weirn Books will especially enjoy this story.)

Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, and Part 9 of 9.

Tokyopop has re-released Dramacon in a 15th anniversary edition which you can get at Amazon or bookstores everywhere! It contains all three volumes plus the bonus story from the original collected edition. (Check with your local book store to see if they've got it to help support small businesses.)

The Weirn Books, Vol. 1: Be Wary of the Silent Woods is out! Get it at Amazon or at bookstores everywhere! (Check with your local book store to see if they're doing online orders or curbside pickup to help support small businesses.)

Yen Press has also re-released the original Nightschool series (intended for older readers) as a special two-volume collector's edition! Volume 1 and Volume 2 are now available.

JY has announced THE WEIRN BOOKS, a brand new series! This trilogy reintroduces the world of NIGHTSCHOOL, featuring a new town and an all-new cast of characters for young readers, coming to shelves near you in Summer 2020.
"In the Night Realm, shifters, vampires, weirns, and other night things passing for human may prowl the streets, but school is still in session--and you still have to do your homework!"
Fans of the Berrybrook Middle School series, don't be worried--another THREE books are coming! Starting with the next letter in the alphabet, "E", the new Berrybrook book is hitting shelves everywhere in 2021!

Crush graphic novel read online free

Diary is NOW AVAILABLE at bookstores everywhere! If you're new to the Berrybrook series, the Berrybrook Middle School Box Set is also NOW AVAILABLE! (Makes a great gift!)

I will be starting a mailing list. Social media is hard for me, so going to try that. If you want to see me talk to myself randomly in your mailbox, sign up for SvetNews below:

SvetNews: Svet's creative process and miscellaneous ramblings, life and work news, studio sneak peeks and random art. Appears in your mailbox when you least expect it because schedules are hard.

Svetlana has been nominated for a 2019 Joe Shuster Award in the Cartoonist category for her work on Crush.

Crush has won a 2019 Excellence in Graphic Literature Award in the Middle-Grade Fiction category!

Svet will be at BookCon in New York City on Saturday, June 1st. She will be at the Yen Press booth from 10:30-11:30am and 2-3pm. She will be signing free copies of Crush, but it's a ticketed event and copies are limited, so stop by the booth early to guarantee your copy! They will also have free posters, magnets, and folders throughout the weekend.

Svet's flight to Cavalcade of Authors was cancelled due to "high winds" and she was unable to get on any other flight that would have her arrive in time. She will hopefully be able to attend next year.

JY has announced the fourth installment of the Berrybrook Middle School series will be titled Diary! It's different from the previous three books and will feature exclusive short stories featuring familiar faces from Berrybrook and will double as a real journal featuring a "One Sketch a Day" section, stickers, and free note pages with fun journal entries from one of the main characters. In addition to a standalone release, Diary will be included in a Berrybrook Middle School box set along with Awkward, Brave, and Crush. Both Diary and the box set are slated for release in October.

Crush was selected in the Top Ten picks for the 2019 Amelia Bloomer List, which recommends recent books with significant feminist content for readers from birth to 18 years old!

Crush is on the YALSA's 2019 Great Graphic Novels for Teens Top Ten list! Awkward and Brave have been on previous lists.

Crush is on School Library Journal's Top 10 Graphic Novels list! Awkward and Brave have been on previous lists.

Crush is on Amazon's "Best comics and graphic novels of 2018" list! Brave was on last year's list.

Crush is now available! You can find it in book stores near you and through links on my comics page!

Crush graphic novel read online free

Brave was just nominated for a Harvey Award for "Best Children or Young Adult Book"!

The first chapter of Crush is available at comic shops as part of Free Comic Book Day!

Awkward won the Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award for Grades 6-8!

Awkward won the Louisiana Young Readers' Choice Award for 6-8th Grade!

YALSA has named Brave as one of their 2018 Great Graphic Novels for Teens!

ICv2 has selected Brave as one of their Top 10 Kids Graphic Novels of 2017!

Crush will be one of the fifty titles available on Free Comic Book Day on May 5, 2018! Make sure to visit your local comic shop and tell them to be sure to get copies of the free Crush sampler!

The Free Comic Book Day edition of Crush won't be the full book, just a preview. That will be due out later in the year. You can find pre-order links on my Comics page once pre-orders are available.

Brave is on School Library Journal's Top Ten Kids' Graphic Novels of 2017 list!

Brave has been selected for Amazon's "Best comics and graphic novels of 2017" list!

The cover from Crush has been revealed! See it at the Yen Press site!

Brave has been nominated for the Silver Birch 2018 Fiction Award! (Awkward was an Honour Book last year.)

My next book, Crush, has been announced! It will focus on Jorge, whom we met in Brave. It will be published in fall 2018.

I was interviewed by Brigid Alverson for Publishers Weekly. It's a great article if you want to know how I got my start in comics and learn where Awkward came from.

Brave is now available! You can find it in book stores near you and through links on my comics page! Click on the image below for a FREE 18-page PREVIEW!:

Crush graphic novel read online free

Awkward is an Honour Book of the 2017 Silver Birch Fiction Award!

Awkward won the 2017 Rocky Mountain Book Award Gold Medal!

Yen Press has posted a free preview of Brave on their Facebook page! It will be released on May 23rd. You can find links to pre-order it on my Comics page.

The Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award has selected Awkward for their 2018 Master List.

Awkward is on the list of 2018 Sasquatch Nominees by the Washington Library Association Book Awards!

I appeared on The New Screen Savers episode 82 to help Leo Laporte (whom you may remember from TechTV) test the new Microsoft Surface Studio.

Awkward has won the Dragon Award for Kids Comics at the 2016 Shuster Awards.

Awkward has been included in the 2017 Forest of Reading nominees by the Ontario Library Association! It's nominated for the 2017 Silver Birch Fiction Award®.

Awkward has won the 2nd Annual Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids' Comics!

The Toronto Public Library has recommended Awkward in their list of Top Ten Local Reads for Summer 2016.