How do I watch Channel 7 catch up?

While the most unforgettable Olympic Games of our time ends there’s still a lot more to keep you entertained on the many streaming services that are available in the country.

7plus, operated by the Seven Network, provides TV shows and movies at the click of a button. The service is ad-supported and free to stream, unlike Netflix, Binge or Stan, requiring a paid subscription to access the content.

This is a guide on how to use the 7plus service to catch up on your favourite Channel 7 shows or find a movie to pass the time.

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Changing ways to stream

Expectations have changed in the ways we all like to watch content, and we now really want to switch between web, mobile and TV and have a coherent experience as we do that.

7plus has recently undergone a redesign that tries to deliver on that expectation with a familiar experience across devices. The new design provides a cinematic look and feel. And if you don’t know what to watch, you can always just search for it on the platform. You never know what you might find to stream for free.

A ‘Watchlist’ feature lets viewers pin content to the homepage and with sign-in functionality allows for the same viewing experience across multiple devices.

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Do I need to sign in?

Yes, you do need to sign in to use 7plus and use all its personalised features.

This is becoming a standard practice across subscription streaming and provides some additional benefits such as the Watchlist feature. This feature is not found on other free streaming services in Australia.

7plus on the web

While 7plus does have an app that is available across multiple devices, there is also the web version that allows the opening of multiple browser windows. This may be handy when you want to bookmark certain shows outside of the ‘Watchlist’ feature or catch up on the latest news.

If you are using the ‘Watchlist’ feature, this can be used by signing into your 7plus account and simply ticking the Watchlist button on a show or movie that you may want to check out when you have more time.

It will then be added to your 7plus home screen and available across any device you log into.

7plus mobile app

There are lots of options on where you can view 7plus content - Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony and LG TVs, Android, Google TV, Telstra TV, Fetch - just to name a few.

The Homepage feature takes you straight into the main Channel 7 live stream as soon as you jump into the 7plus app. There are also other live channels that you can watch like 7TWO, 7mate and 7flix.

Outside of the broadcast channels, plenty of TV shows and movies can be accessed, including some classic Aussie dramas such as Blue Heelers, Sons & Daughters, Packed To The Rafters, All Saints A Country Practice, Water Rats and Always Greener.

Another cool feature that the 7plus app has over its streaming competitors is the Picture in Picture view. It allows users to watch content while still browsing around the site for other things to watch.

All 7plus content is live, free and supports High Definition viewing. Just bring your own internet connection and smart device, and you’re set!

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As the most-watched network in Australia, Channel 7 is a staple of a huge number of households nationwide. And, thanks to its vast array of shows and online sub-channels like 7Mate and MovieSphere, it's not hard to see why.

It's the free way to get NFL live streams and watch the Ashes, plays host to shows like Damages and ER, and regularly gets the rights to broadcast top-tier events like the Olympics and Adele's One Night Only. 

However, while it's super simple to get access to Channel 7 and its online streaming siblings when you're in Australia, if you're abroad you'll run into some problems. So, here we'll explain exactly how to watch 7Plus and Channel 7 live broadcasts anywhere in the world.

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How do I watch Channel 7 catch up?

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How to watch 7Plus live in Australia

If you're in Australia, it couldn't be easier to watch Channel 7 live.

If you've got a TV, PC, mobile device or streaming device, you'll be able to get access to every live broadcast from Channel 7. On your TV, all you need to do is switch over to the correct channel. On PCs you can head over to the 7Plus website (opens in new tab) and start watching. You can do the same on mobile devices, but the app is better optimised for touchscreens. 

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How to watch 7Plus live abroad

Watch 7Plus live abroad

(Image credit: ExpressVPN)

ExpressVPN is our #1 recommendation (opens in new tab) for accessing the Channel 7 outside Australia. With excellent speeds, unrivalled location spoofing power and easy-to-use apps, it's the perfect choice for watching 7Plus for free and events ike the Ashes anywhere. Plus, Tom's Guide readers get three months extra free (opens in new tab) on any 12-month plan.

Things are a little different when you're outside Australia.

If you're abroad and try to stream, you'll find that any and all of the content broadcast on Channel 7 will be blocked. You may be able to access the website, but you won't be able to stream anything. However, there's a quick and easy way around this.

If you sign up for the best VPN, you'll be able to change your location to Australia and trick the 7Plus website into thinking that you're in the country. Our top streaming VPN recommendation is ExpressVPN (opens in new tab), thanks to its powerful apps, excellent unblocking power, unrivalled speeds and stellar support system.

So, for example, if you're in Europe visiting family or for work, you won't be able to watch 7Plus live. But, by using ExpressVPN you can select an Aussie server and virtually relocate (opens in new tab)

It's also worth noting that for this article, we tested a number of top providers. Some, like NordVPN (opens in new tab) and Surfshark (opens in new tab), can also unblock 7Plus, but others like IPVanish (opens in new tab) are unable to. For simplicity's sake, we'd highly recommend using one of the three we've tested and found to be effective. 

Do I have to sign up for 7Plus?

Watching a 7Plus livestream is super simple, and all you need to do is provide an email address and Australian postcode. If, for any reason, you don't want to use your own, a placeholder can be easily found online.

Once signed up and logged in, all you need to do is head to the 7Plus website, and pick what you want to watch. You can choose from one of the many live broadcasts, or select a show to stream on demand.

How to sign up to 7Plus outside Australia

The process is much the same as above if you're not in Australia, although we'd recommend connecting to an Australian VPN server before heading to the 7Plus website. Our top choice for this task is ExpressVPN (opens in new tab).

Seeing as there's no payment necessary to watch 7Plus live, anyone from anywhere can sign up and watch Channel 7 if they've used a VPN to spoof their location.

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Why should you use a VPN to watch 7Plus live?

The main reason to use a VPN when watching 7Plus and Channel 7 is to get access to all the unmissable content on the platform when you're outside Australia. So, for example, if you've gone to the UK, you can simply fire up your VPN and watch like you were at home.

However, some Internet providers perform something called 'throttling' to some of their customers. This is done when the Internet provider detects a certain user is doing something that takes up a lot of bandwidth – and streaming is one of the main culprits. By using a VPN you can hide what you're doing from your ISP, and subsequently it can't decide to slow down your connection.

How can I watch Channel 7 catch up on my smart TV?

How to sign into 7plus on a smart tv?.
Open the 7plus app on your Apple TV, Telstra TV, Android TV, Samsung Tizen & Fetch TV app and select a video to watch..
You will be presented with a screen that outlines the steps you will need to take to sign in with a 7 account and then connect that account to your device:.

Can you watch Channel 7 demand?

7plus: Stream & Watch Channel 7 Online - Free to Air TV, Catch Up or Watch Live.

Is the Channel 7 app free?

It's free too which is great. And there is a variety of old and new shows , it is one of the most watched apps in our home.

What app can I watch Channel 7 on?

Telstra TV, Samsung Smart TV, Fetch TV and Apple TV devices from the fourth generation and later, all offer platforms that can be used to live-stream Channel 7. You can also watch the 7Plus network from your PlayStation 4 gaming console through the version of the 7Plus app for the gaming console.