What is the benefit of 300 Blackout?

What is so special about 300 blackout? It seems that this caliber has really just taken off as a lot of companies talk about it and sell guns and parts especially for this round. We wanted to come out with a guide to our comprehensive coverage on the topic of why 300 BLK is so awesome and popular. We compare different calibers, review ballistic data and talk about all the cool builds that are viable with this cartridge.

However, we should preface that how and what the .300 AAC Blackout is good for will rely on what kind of gun the round is being shot out of. How long is the barrel? What kind of load does the .300 BLK you’re using have? Is the 300 BLK ammo that you’re using flying out supersonic or subsonic speeds? Is there perhaps another caliber that might be able to do the same job better if not at a cheaper price? These are just some of the factors for considerations when discerning what this cartridge is “good for.” Check out all of our past blogs to learn more about this .30 caliber round here:

Intro to 300 Blackout 

When indulging in gun nerd stuff, especially when it’s about a particular caliber, it’s best to start at the beginning. Learn about where the .300 Blackout came from, its origins, what it was designed for and what it’s most optimal applications are here in our .300 blackout guide for best barrel length, build tips & more.

.300 Blackout, Supersonic vs Subsonic

As you’ll soon learn about the flexibility of .300 BLK ability to serve in multiple roles between its supersonic and subsonic rounds — In this blog, we compare 300 BLK in supersonic and subsonic so that you can decide for yourself what type of loads would work best for you if at all.

300 Blackout for Home Defense

As a caliber that can be shot very effectively and quietly while suppressed, this caliber was designed with our special forces in mind and their need to do close quarter battle. Well in our case as civilians, why not use it for home defense too? See why 300 AAC Blackout for home defense just makes sense as it’s a fantastic round for defending your property and family at home.

.300 Blackout vs 5.56mm NATO

If you’ve ever wondered which is better — 556 or 300 Blackout, you came to the right place.

Between .223 and 5.56mm NATO, these are the most commonly used calibers for the AR-15. But what about .300 BLK? How does this .30 caliber cartridge match up to the NATO round that still isn’t going anywhere any time soon? We dive into that in this blog by comparing the  300 blackout vs 556 NATO.

300 Blackout vs. 9mm Parabellum

What is the benefit of 300 Blackout?

After 5.56 NATO, 9mm is one of the most popular calibers that are commonly used and actively sought after (especially during the pandemic). With regard to building a new AR-style rifle one could pursue an AR-9 which would be incredibly fun and rewarding but could also choose an alternative caliber to the NATO round for an AR15 that you might already have in your safe at home. Which should you choose between the 300 blackout vs 9mm parabellum? Find out here.

.300 Blackout vs .300 Whisper

What is the benefit of 300 Blackout?

At this point you might be like, “Wait. Can’t the .300 BLK be shot suppressed really well in subsonic rounds already? What’s the deal with the .300 Whisper then?” Well, not to worry it’s not as complicated as it seems. See our explanation as we explain the minutiae of 300 blackout vs 300 whisper in this blog.

6.8 SPC vs 300 Blackout


What is the benefit of 300 Blackout?

The 6.8mm cartridge is a rising star in the sphere of calibers right now as Sig Sauer recently scored a military contract with the US Army to start phasing out the 5.56mm NATO round and to use Sig’s new round instead. So how does the 6.8 SPC match up against the 300 Blackout? Find out in this blog.

300 Blackout for Hunting Deer


What is the benefit of 300 Blackout?

It’s a fair question, one that we often use to gauge how effective any caliber really is — can you kill a deer with 300 aac blackout? Explore whether 300 BLK works for hunting deer with us in this blog here.

Start your next 300 BLK Build With 80 Percent Arms

Convinced yet? Got the building itch? Check out our complete AR-15 300 Blackout build kit which will get you set up real quick to build a rifle from the ground up. But if you are already an AR-15 owner and prefer a conversion kit instead we have complete uppers chambered in 300BLK as well. If you need any help, let our legendary customer service team know so they can assist you in your build. 

Does 300 Blackout have more stopping power?

Introduced as the . 300 AAC Blackout, the goals of the cartridge were simple: achieve similar ballistics to the 7.62x39mm (AK) platform, develop an offering that delivers more “stopping power” when launched from a short-barrel rifle or pistol, and improve performance over 9mm offerings in the subsonic velocity band.

Does 300 Blackout kick more than 556?

300 BLK features recoil three times greater than the 5.56mm round, at 9 pounds. However, felt recoil is only slightly more, and has no impact on actual shooting. Range — The 5.56mm round features a variable range of about 500 yards, on average, compared to the 300 yards of the . 300 BLK round.

Is 300 Blackout a good choice?

300 Blackout is most certainly a highly accurate weapon. In fact, I've shot over 100 rounds while maintaining 2” (or less) groupings.