What year did Winter Romance come out?

According to Julia's boss she is lacking inspiration, the cheerfuless that she had when she first came into the city, so she sends her back home to make a story about the "charm of small towns". Once there she reunites with her family, her best friend Nate, and a few neighbours and friend.

I liked it. A lot. The maze was spectacular, that first air shot was beautiful. My first problem was Julia's parents. They are way too young. She clearly is not 20 years old. They always cast actors as parents and child who are probably around the same range of age. Julia and Nate were friends their whole lives. I love the "best friend to lover" trope, so they got me there. The actors had great chemistry. And not just the leads but the rest of the cast as well.

I'm not expecting much from Hallmark at this point: I mean, Julia's basket of fries was empty when she was in the maze and when she got out it was full. As far as they go, maybe they can do better but this was not bad at all. You had a plot, good chemistry and a make you feel good atmosphere (all I wanted was to be in comfy leggins and a fluffly sweater while watching this)

I don't care that we have literally seen it hundreds of times before, Nate going after Julia was so sweet. The whole scene was cute.

I'm not saying I will watch this again anytime soon, but I would definitely watch a sequel.

A1 A Winter Romance

Written-ByKermit Lane*, Sammy Cahn

A2 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Written-ByJule Styne, Sammy Cahn

A3 The Things We Did Last Summer

Written-ByJule Styne, Sammy Cahn

A4 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

Written-ByIrving Berlin

A5 June In January

Written-ByLeo Robin, Ralph Rainger

A6 Canadian Sunset

Written-ByEdward Heywood*, Norman Gimbel

B1 Winter Wonderland

Written-ByDick Smith (3), Felix Bernard

B2 Out In The Cold Again

Written-ByReuben Bloom*, Ted Koehler

B3 Baby, It's Cold Outside

Written-ByFrank Loesser

B4 Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Written-ByJohnny Marks

B5 White Christmas

Written-ByIrving Berlin

B6 It Won't Cool Off

Written-ByKermit Lane*, Sammy Cahn


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A Winter Romance (LP, Album, Mono) Capitol Records T-1285 US 1959

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A Winter Romance (LP, Album, Mono) Capitol Records, Capitol Records T-1285, T 1285 Canada 1959

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A Winter Romance (LP, Album, Stereo) Capitol Records ST-1285 Canada 1959

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A Winter Romance (LP, Album, Mono) Capitol Records T 1285 Australia 1959

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A Winter Romance (LP, Album, Promo, Mono) Capitol Records T-1285 US 1959

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Is a winter romance a Hallmark movie?

Q&A. Julia (Jessy Schram) heads home for an assignment, but she's going to get much more than bargained for in Hallmark Channel's Amazing Winter Romance.

Where was Netflix a winter romance filmed?

The next shot is the outside of a building with prominent black letters on the sign that read “Seattle Reference Library,” further emphasizing the Seattle location.

Where was a winter romance on Prime filmed?

Amazing Winter Romance (shot on location in Winnipeg and at the world's largest snow maze at Amaze in Corn) Hallmark Channel says: “When journalist Julia goes back home to find inspiration, she discovers her childhood friend has built a giant snow maze which prompts her to find her way to true love.