Seven Year Switch season 2 cast

The four couples are not unusual in any way. The spouses have common complaints, like "he takes me for granted" or "she is always arguing with me." The radical technique is "switch therapy", which involves the spouses spending two weeks away from each other (with absolutely no contact) and living with "experimental spouses"--people whose personalities are more like what they think they want.

This is not a game. Two psychologists choose the experimental match-ups and oversee the entire process, sometimes intervening when it appears a spouse is off track. If you are wondering what the proper track is, it goes something like this:

1. The spouses say their goodbyes, then are transported to a house (in California) where they meet their experimental spouses.

2. They have to deal with their nervousness at meeting someone they know nothing about, someone they will be living with for two weeks. When they check out their new environs, they realize there is only one bed in the house. How will they deal with that?

3. During the two weeks, they eat together, deal with household chores and, hopefully, have open discussions that allow them to confront the issues that threaten their marriages. Their personality match-ups are designed to offer them a glimpse at what life might be like with a different type of spouse. Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?

4. They take a trip together and explore activities that they probably would never experience with their real spouses.

5. They meet with their spouse's experimental spouse. Surprise!

I won't explain any more of the process, but it offers many opportunities for the participants to analyze the behaviors of themselves and their spouses, and to compare contrasting styles.

This is not "Marriage at First Sight", where the intention is to match up strangers for the express purpose of finding a lifelong mate. These spouses want their marriages to work.

This is not "The Bachelor". This is not matchmaking and though the experimental couples do get to participate in new activities, they are not spending their two weeks in exotic locales, being pampered.

And this is not "Wife Swap", where the wives impose their value systems on the daily lifestyles of their host families. Both shows include the temporary swapping of spouses, but "Switch" is entirely managed by the psychologists and involves a therapeutic process.

Married people should be able to see themselves and their marriages in the participants. And it may push your buttons or force you to confront fears. I think that is one reason some people have an immediate negative reaction to the premise of the show. A lot can be gained by watching, so I hope people will not be scared off by the title.

In October, the former couple also lent their story to the Stillbirth Foundation, speaking about the loss of their first child, Dexx to raise awareness for the cause along with former Big brother star, Bree Amer.

Please watch & share our story! ???? a while back now Cass & I joined some incredible people to help bring to light an issue that has long been taboo. Everyone has lost someone close to them, now think for a moment how u would feel if there was a 33% chance they could have been saved but no-one told u how! YOU can potentially save a babies life by sharing these stories! (Link in my bio) . If you would like to help further or to learn how to contribute please contact the stillbirth foundation Aust or alternatively contact me and I will happily guide u to the appropriate avenues. Thank you ???????? . #Repost @breeamer ・・・ My husband and I made a short 10 minute doco for The Stillbirth Foundation. It's a hard watch but the purpose is to educate people on the warnings signs and also hopefully raise much needed money for research. Unfortunately most funds raised are by those directly effected by Stillbirth, when the sad reality is that statistically we will probably all know somebody. 6 babies a day are stillborn in Australia and a third of those are preventable. If this raises one dollar or sends one mother to the hospital that little bit earlier, we will be happy. Thank you to all who gave their time to help make this - Ben & Sonya, JB, Cass & Ryan, and Lauren & Shane. LINK IN MY BIO To donate-

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Michelle and Jason

Seven Year Switch season 2 cast
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These two are 100 per cent not together anymore. Although they've gone their separate ways since the show wrapped up, Instagram shows both Stacey-Louise and Sarge have been using their reality TV profiles to raise awareness for various causes.

Stacey-Louise has been promoting Huntington's disease, which took her father's life, and Sarge recently took part in Movember in support of men's mental health issues.

Stacey-Louise is also a brunette. In case you were wondering.

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Did Kelsey and Dustin hook up?

“I needed a break, and I got a break,” Dustin replied before insisting that while he and Kelsey talked about a lot of stuff, they never “did” stuff (as in, they never hooked up). Jaclyn said she felt “abandoned,” and Dustin just sort of sat there, which was pretty much par for the course.

Are the Seven Year Switch USA couples still together?

Danielle Wolf. On the show's finale, Danielle and her husband Eric Wolf claimed that they were "closer than ever" thanks to radical switch therapy. Nowadays, their sentiment appears to be true as the couple is still together and constantly posting adorable selfies on social media.

Are Heather and Aaron still together seven year switch?

Ultimately, Aaron said he'd learned that he needed to put more effort into their marriage, and Heather said she'd learned to assert herself. Not surprisingly, they both decided they wanted to stay together.

Did CW and Rachel stay together?

CW McGee and Rachel Farris decided to remain together after embarking on the emotionally difficult journey of switch therapy. However during the finale, the show's therapists didn't believe that they had successfully worked through all of their issues.