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The beginning of the story is the end of another. A Hero and a Demon Lord engage in their final battle on another planet; it is so destructive that opens up a dimensional rift into a high school classroom in Japan. The explosion kills all of the students and their teacher, who are transported to another world with all their memories, but no answers as to why or how. Here is a summary of the story of So I'm a Spider, So What?

Great Elroe Labyrinth Arc

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Kumoko is born in the Great Elroe Labyrinth as a Small Lesser Taratect, one of the weakest monster species in the world. She laments her situation but soon discovers the System and begins to manipulate it to her own needs in order to grow stronger and survive. It takes a while, but she is eventually able to hold her own amongst the strongest monsters in the cave before encountering humans for the first time. This deadly encounter, for the humans, ends with her gaining the moniker of "Nightmare of the Labyrinth". She uses the humans who escaped her slaughter to lead her to the surface, but she encounters the Demon Lord and needs to fight off her mother, who bursts out from the Labyrinth to chase her down. After a long, drawn out battle, Kumoko is finally able to escape outside.

Academy Arc

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The other students that where killed during the disaster on Earth are born with their memories and grow up. Some of them are able to meet, as is the case with Schlain, his best friend Karnatia, the Earth Wyrm Feirune, their teacher Filimøs, the first prince of the Renxandt Empire Hugo, and Saintess Candidate Yuri, though the rest of the class's whereabouts are unknown. Everyone attends the Royal Academy in the Kingdom of Analeit, but some complications arise and their new school life is abruptly cut short.

The Fall of Analeit

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Hugo was expelled from the Kingdom's Royal Academy due to misuse of his powers to attack another student, but plans revenge against Filimøs, who had stripped him of all his skills, and Schlain his rival at school. With the powers of a Ruler Skill and help from several mysterious individuals such as Sophia, he manages to become strong again, topple the entire Kingdom, and turn Schlain into a fugitive. Schlain's group flees to the Elven Village with Filimøs, where they meet the rest of the reincarnated class, who have mixed feelings about being taken by Filimøs and losing their chance at a new life.

The War in Sariella

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Having escaped the clutches of Ariel and Mother, Kumoko begins her life on the surface as a protector of a small county in the country of Sariella, which happened when she saved the lord's wife from bandits. After wiping out the bandits from the surrounding area and healing many people using magic, she is worshipped as the Divine Beast, a servant of the Goddess. This causes issues with the Word of God Church and the country of Ohts, who is dismayed at the damage Kumoko did to their country upon leaving the Great Elroe Labyrinth. A war between the two countries begins, though Kumoko intervenes on the side of Sariella. The battle is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Ariel, who destroys Kumoko with Abyss Magic.

Kumoko, by manipulating her soul, is reborn from one of her own eggs that she laid hidden in the Great Elroe Labyrinth, where she is given sustenance by Güliedistodiez. Once she gains enough stamina, she evolves into her final form, the Arachne, and heads back to the surface, where she finds Keren County under attack by Ohts. She ends up saving Sophia, one of the reincarnations, from Potimas Harrifenas, the elven Patriarch. Ariel steps in, finishes off Potimas' robot clone, and calls a truce with Kumoko. Also, with no where else to go, Sophia and the newly vampirized Merazophis decide to tag along as they travel south to the capitol of Sariella, where, in the end, Sophia and Mera decide to join Kumoko, Ariel, and the Puppet Taratects as they travel to the Demon Realm.

Journey to the Demon Realm

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After travelling through Sariella and heading into the wasteland between the coalition of countries and the Renxandt Empire, Kumoko (henceforth referred to as White) detects something deep beneath the earth. The group follows her and discovers an underground bunker, accidentally awakening an ancient technological marvel: the G-Fleet. With the sudden appearance of a crisis that threatens what's left of the world, all the major players show up to bring it down, with the end result being White eating the power source of the G-Fleet and gaining enough proficiency in the skill Divinity Expansion to achieve deification. 47 days later, her cocoon hatches and Shiraori is born, though she is completely powerless.

The Wrath of the Sword Demon

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During their trip to the north, Shiraori and co. hear about a rampaging Ogre that is blocking the path to the north. Shiraori herself is still frustrated due to her complete loss of power but she is supported by everyone else. They stick around the town for a few days while a contingent of adventurers and the local military prepares to take out the ogre. They manage to succeed in driving it away but at the cost of many lives. The ogre used a large number of unique magic swords and tactics, such as exploding swords and swords used as electric conduits, that caught everyone off-guard. It was even able to stand toe-to-toe with one of the most powerful warriors in the Renxnadt Empire, Nyoduz, while being attacked at range by Ronandt, the greatest human mage.

The contingent is unable to kill the ogre and it flees. Due to the savage way it fought and its liberal use of magic swords, the ogre was given the moniker "Sword Demon." Meanwhile, in the village of its origin, the Ogre himself has evolved into a rare monster species called the Oni after killing a bunch of elves that awaited in ambush for a different group to pass through. It's human-like appearance has the face of a reincarnated student, Sasajima Kyouya. He laments the rage and violence in his heart but decides to keep moving forward after giving himself the name "Wrath" using the Naming Skill. Unfortunately for him the Sin Skill, Wrath, has begun to eat away at his ability to reason, and as he wanders north he begins to lose himself to it. By the time he comes face-to-face with Ice Dragon Nia, he has lost all sense of reason.

Demon Life Arc

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Hero Arc

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The Great Human-Demon War

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Elf Village Battle

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The Past

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Final Battle

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Is I'm a spider So what novel finished?

The series' main story ended with its 16th volume released on January 8, 2022.

Is Shiro and Kumoko the same person?

While Shiraori and Kumoko are indeed the same person, she is, in fact, not the reincarnation of Wakaba Hiiro. In reality, Wakaba Hiiro was an alternate identity assumed by D to escape her duties as the manager of the Underworld and play at being a normal high-school student.

Is Ariel stronger than Kumoko?

Kumoko is obliterated by Ariel's strength.

Is wakaba Hiiro the spider?

“Wakaba Hiiro” was a false identity created by D, which she used it to masquerade as a high schooler to escape her responsibilities as a god and enjoy a life on Earth.