What is the benefit of paying the full credit card balance each month quizlet?

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What are the two most important factors of your FICO Credit Score?

-Payment history and credit utilization

What are the ranges for Bad, Fair, Good, and Excellent Credit according to your FICO Credit Score?


What is included in your credit report?

contains personal information, credit account history, credit inquiries and public records

What are some negative effects of having bad credit?

Credit and loan applications may not be approved. ...
Difficulty getting approved for an apartment. ...
Security deposits on utilities. ...
You can't get a cell phone contract. ...
You might get denied for employment. ...
Higher insurance premiums. ...
Calls from debt collectors. ...

installment loan

used to finance a specific purchase for a specific amount of time. Regular payments are made to pay the interest and the principal.

revolving credit

an open line of credit that can be used for any purchases as long as you're under the credit limit. Payment amounts vary each pay period based on the size of the debt.

Secured debt

debt is tied to a specific asset that can be used as collateral and repossessed if borrower doesn't make payments

Unsecured debt

debt is not tied to a specific asset; there is no collateral that can be repossessed if borrower defaults


interest rate can change during the duration of the loan based on the prime rate or an index rate


interest rate remains constant during the duration of the loan

An Auto-loan with an interest rate that does not change is an example of what type of debt?

Installment, secured, and could be variable or fixed

What is the name of the box that has your credit card terms and information on it?

schumer box

Which best describes how a credit card works?
The credit card company extends you a line of credit.

You purchase "stuff" and then have the choice to pay the balance in full or a minimum payment each month.

What is the advantage of paying your credit card balance in full each month?

You pay only a small amount of interest.

Why is it more difficult to get out of debt when only paying the minimum payment?

Your entire minimum payment goes toward principal and the interest continues to compound.

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What is the benefit of paying the full credit card balance each month?

No interest charges on your balance: Most credit card issuers charge interest or APR if you carry your balance over to the next month, which means you're paying interest on top of the unpaid balance you owe. You'll avoid paying interest if you pay your credit card balance off in full each month by the due date.

Why is paying your credit card balance in full so important quizlet?

Why is paying your credit card balance in full so​ important? You can avoid interest charges. Credit card interest rates tend to​ be: higher than rates on other debt.

Why should you pay your full credit card balance by the due date every month Apex?

If you always pay your full statement balance by the due date, you will maintain a credit card grace period and you will never be charged interest.

Why is it important to pay off a credit card in full each month or at least more than the minimum monthly payment?

While it's important to make at least the minimum payment, it's not ideal to carry a balance from month to month, because you'll rack up interest charges (unless you're benefiting from an intro 0% APR) and risk falling into debt.